"And we haaaaave a Winnnnnaaahhhhhhh"

MickeyBabe, after some nice campaigning around the site for votes, pulled out a victory by the narrowest of margins over SamIAm!

Everyone had some really great shots, and I thank you all for participating!

I actually hadn't originally intended on handing out acrual prizes, but what the heck... MickeyBabe, you have a choice of anything in our "Prize Closet"... which currently consists of... well... pins or pins.

So, you win one of our limited-edition (they really are) DisneyWorldTrivia.com pins. (Sorry, but the previous contestant took the car)

Thanks again to everyone for playing, and be sure to post your entries for our second photo contest, based on your
Favorite Character (not me, MB), in WDW :mickey:
going on HERE