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Pin Trading Discuss Tips for getting started in the Disneyana forums; Do pins actually appreciate in value?...
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    Do pins actually appreciate in value?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJDISNEYFAN View Post
    Do pins actually appreciate in value?
    The limited editions probably do, since only a certain number of them are produced. But if you're looking to Pin Trading to be a financial investment of any sort, you're probably going to be disappointed. I personally recommend not caring about how much a pin is "worth" - trade for and collect whatever you like.

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    I'm new to it too. When I went back in August and I got a pin but it wasn't until after I came back that I found out about pin trading.

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    I've heard a lot about fake pins, Sedemasa, ProPins, Eurodisney pins. Can someone explain to me the difference, how to look for them, and why I don't want them (I KNOW why I wouldn't want fake pins).

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    I don't know much about the fake pins. We were just at the World 4 weeks ago. We bought our 6yr daughter a lanyard and a starter box of 6 pins. The total was about $36. The beauty of pin trading is that it gets children interacting with the castmembers. Pin trading also keeps children busy and interested when going between attractions. Another added bonus: this is the never-ending souvenior. The pins never get old and if they did she traded them. I'd say she traded 50+ times in 5 days. Definitely a highlight for our trip.

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    One tip is to make sure they say ęDisney or something to that effect. AND make sure they have the Mickey head as the backing. (The think that goes over the neddle.)
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    there is a website you can go to to check whether the pin is counterfit or not.
    Known Scrapper/Counterfeit Pins
    They have pictures of some of the counterfit/bootleg pins out there.
    From my research, the main thing to look at when buying the pins is to check and see if everything is clear. (ie if there is a picture of the castle on it, check to see whether the towers and flags are visible) the tail of donald is not rounded, but pointy.
    They may have the copyright on the back and still be counterfit pins.
    Be careful with Ebay especially if you can buy 200+ pins at a time. These may be counterfit.

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