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Pin Trading Discuss Poll: Yes or No - Do you trade Pins? in the Disneyana forums; When the pins first came out at the Disney Stores for the Millenium countdown I bought a ton. I always forgot to bring them to the parks with me until ...
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    When the pins first came out at the Disney Stores for the Millenium countdown I bought a ton. I always forgot to bring them to the parks with me until last year. Thanks to me there was a ton of the Millenium pin series floating around the park.

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    I don't trade pins. I usually buy 1 each trip to remind me of the trip & I have some that friends have given me which I would NEVER trade.

    I think it's a nice concept though.
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    All the pins I purchased are to remember a particular trip. The rest were given to me by my DH - when he was in Athens for the Olympics, or my DD. All or most are limited edition pins. I just can't part with any so I don't trade.
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    I have been pin trading for almost 6 years and I love it. At first I did it because the pins were so pretty and cool, but now I do it for the people. I have met a lot of great friends from pins, friends who have helped me though some dark days in my life, and I am forever grateful for them.
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    Though I bought some pins from The Disney Store when they used to sell them, it wasn't until Spring Break 2006 that I bought my first pins at the park. I had eyed some during previous visits.

    I purchase pins that match my interests (Vintage Mickey, Walt, Mickey Mouse Club, Donald Duck, Narnia, Disneyland's 50th), and I wouldn't part with them. However, if I spotted an interesting pin on a cast member's lanyard, and one of my pins could still be purchased at Disney, I'd trade.

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    Mostly I enjoy the collecting aspect (21 pins and counting) with some trading with CM's. Trading with other people is alright, but not the most fun in the just feels like a weird swap meet.

    Mainly, I collect Resort pins and Lilo & Stitch pins...I've got some others that I like from specific rides, but I'm not willing to devote that much money to a hobby, especially when I've already got a hobby in comic books and video games that run me a ton of money every month.
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    I collect...I buy a pin because I like it...I don't want to lose it! I think I need to buy some pins I don't especially care for so I can trade!

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    I love to pin trade! It is so much fun
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    I only buy pins because I like them, so I wouldn't want to trade them. However, if I saw someone with a pin I really wanted I would try a trade!

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    There are so many pins i just think its not worth it. I heard WDW no longer hold any pin trading events?

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    I have not nor do I currently plan on trading pins ,however I do collect them.

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    I love to trade and collect pins!!!!!!

    Has anyone traded pins at Mouse Gears?Well sometimes CMs put up this board with a bunch of pins on it, and you trade one of your pins for any ofthe pins on the board.What ****s is the older you are the less time you are alloted to look at the board and choose.

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    Only have a few pins that were given to me

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    I started my niece trading pins on our last couple of trips. I still don't know how to tell what a good pin to trade for would be, however. But, on our last trip in December, she did trade for a Goofy pin (that I suggested she trade for) that turned out to be a Cast Member pin - so it was a good trade!!!
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