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Pin Trading Discuss Poll: Yes or No - Do you trade Pins? in the Disneyana forums; I don't trade pins...but I might if I see one that I like! I'm looking for a Happiest Celebration on Earth pin....
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    I don't trade pins...but I might if I see one that I like! I'm looking for a Happiest Celebration on Earth pin.
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    I have to admit that trading pins has an appeal to me, but there's a part of me that feels a little geekish about it. I just need to get over it. Actually, my obsession with Disney theme parks is a little geekish anyway, so why worry about it.

    What do you suggest to get started?
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    No, but my son wants to so maybe next year i'll buy him a starter set

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    Ive been to disney 9 times and i have so many pins ive ran out of room on my laynard

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    Not a collector or trader, but I have bought probably two dozen or so pins that I have liked or that I wanted to have for a memento.

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    I'm a pin trader and am active on both PinPics and DizPins.


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    I collect Imagineering pins. I had to decide to stick with that one area because there are so many cute ones online, I'd go crazy and buy them all. Occasionally, I see one that's not Imagineer, but is a good deal, so I get it to trade with later. My favorites are the magic makers pins with the disney characters acting as Imagineers! There's one that I have with the Mad Hatter holding plans to Space Mountain, but their upside-down. I'm easily amused.

    Does anyone recommend a reasonably priced way of keeping my pins nice and accessible, like a book or something?

    Oh and I want to give a free plug to the Ebay Pin Seller I always buy from. He's great and deserves some free advertisement:
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    As of right now i do not pintrade but i am seriously thinking about getting into it.

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    I am a huge pin collector and I am trying to finish off collecting the statesI have one posted in my pictures of what state pins I have.I am willing to trade for them pay for them what ever it maybe.If you are looking for a certain type of pin and I will up date when I go to the magic kingdom since i am a passholder we go alot and I will pick up any you need as long as anyone wants to trade or pay for it.
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    Well my dd and I are just now getting into trading and collecting pins. We will maybe buy one each time we go and trade it until we run across one that we want to keep, (which aint very long) I had to buy me a lanyard so I keep the ones we are not trading and she keeps the ones we are trading. We want to start going to the trading show they hold once a month. But anywho, its just all together fun for us.

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    my brother and i used to just collect pins but now we trade and here is our secret...... we go to a disney chracter shop before our trip and but pins that are on sale and if we really like them we buy doubles and then we bring the doubles on our trip and trade with CMs that way they arnt hard to part with because you have them at home and CMs always have the best pins!!!!!
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    I <3 collecting pins more than trading. I have only traded 2 pins, but i have 29! Not really many compared 2 other avid traders or collecters, but some of them r from other Disney areas such as Disney World and Disneyland because they don't have the official stamp on the back o well! O sorry i 4got hi! I am new here! This is my 1st post besides my thread i started!
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    i clicked yea because i would forsure trade!! but i only have like 4-5 and i have never been asked to trade.. and it might have something to do with this will be my first trip to the world with pins
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    I love pin trading. In the past I've bought pins on ebay in lots. I'd buy 10 of the same pin at $2 per pin and then take them with me for trading. I'd trade and trade with every cast member I see and eventually I'd come across a pin that was a "keeper" and I wouldn't trade it anymore. Those are on my bulliten board in the office and I have some great ones there. At least great to me. I don't trade for value but for what I like.

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    We trade!! We got bit by the trading bug last year on our trip. We would just buy the cutie character sets and trade those away for other ones we liked and then bought a few that we wanted as special mementos of the trip.

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