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Pin Trading Discuss Be careful when buying pins on Ebay in the Disneyana forums; Hello everyone. I fell victim to Scrapper pins when buying on Ebay. Unfortunately I thought that the person who was selling the pins was legit, but however it was not ...
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    Be careful when buying pins on Ebay

    Hello everyone. I fell victim to Scrapper pins when buying on Ebay. Unfortunately I thought that the person who was selling the pins was legit, but however it was not so. If you find pins being sold in bundles of 100+ they are most likely counterfit. I bought some (in a bundle of 20) and over half of them were counterfit. Below is a website that you can use to double-check your pins.

    Known Scrapper/Counterfeit Pins

    I found this site to be quite helpful when looking at mine. No pin is safe including Hidden Mickey pins and YoaMD pins as well.

    Last note, be careful. Buy pins from Disney stores, online Disney shops and I believe Character Warehouse (which sells old Disney items and is staffed by Disney CMs).

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    Thanks for letting me know! I always look for pins on eBay!
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    Thank you for the heads up! I just bought a lot of 25 last night! We wanted to give our kids a few to start with when we get down there. This will be new for them! I will certainly be on the lookout!

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    im glad i know that now, i have been bidding on some! thanks!!!

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    Good to know! Thank's for the heads-up!
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    I've been buying from the same store (Pins Pins and More Pins) for a few years, and I've had good experiences, but thanks for the information. The more you know, the safer you are.

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    Oh my goodness! I had no idea! I was seriously thinking about starting an Ebay business buying people's Disney pin collections and auctioning them off! So, unless you get your pins directly from Disney you have no idea if they are fakes or not!?! You could even trade with someone in the parks and not know!?! This blows my mind and I'm seriously re-thinking my plans.
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    I've purchased probably 50% of my pins on eBay but I'm very careful to look for and ask for the things I know make it a legit pin.

    I have however been "snookered" twice...

    Once was when I purchased a piece of the AK Atlas pin series. Each pin had a 3D element that I was not aware of. Because of this when I purchased the pin and it didn't have that 3D element, I had no idea it was a broken pin.

    The second time was an adorable Stitch and Nemo pin. It was one of the first pins I bought and it was before I had found to verify my pins against. Turns out it's a phony that Disney never commissioned.

    Other than those two cases however I've never had a problem getting my pins from eBay. Like I said, just have to know what to look for.
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    Yea, I spent $20 dollars on a pin from a guy who was 100% legit and never recieved it. TWICE! Luckily that guy never came back to Ebay again....
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    Has anyone ever purchased pins from Pinfinder the Original and Best - an eBay pin store? I am looking to save $ and buy pins before our trip. However, I don't want to be mislead and end up with pins I can't use.

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