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Poll: How many Disney Pins do you have?

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Pin Trading Discuss Just how many pins do you have? in the Disneyana forums; I love pin trading, it's SO addicting. I started a couple of years ago, and it one thing I really look forward to everytime I go!...
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    I love pin trading, it's SO addicting. I started a couple of years ago, and it one thing I really look forward to everytime I go!
    "There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island."
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    I've got a little bit too many pins....

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    I currently have around 40 pins.

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    I am not really a pin collector, I probably have about 6 or 7 pins, just of random things
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    I've been to Disney World 22 times and can't wait to go back!

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    I have a lot of pins! I have a binder full of pins, and then I have a bunch of pins in this one case my mom bought for me. All in all, I think I have over 100.
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    Whoo Hooo

    i have 88
    1993 - Dolphin
    1995- Aunt House
    1997- Off Site
    1999- Off Site
    2000- Coronodo Springs
    2002- Port Orleans and All Star
    2003- Off Site
    2004- Off Site - Christmas Time
    2005- Pop Century -Christmas Time
    2005 -Carribean Beach - DIsney Wonder
    2005- Disneyland- Spring Break
    2006- Pop Century - Halloween
    2006- Polynesian - My High Graduation
    2007 - Pop Century
    2007- All Star Sport- Christmas TIme
    2008 - Port Orleans
    2009 - Disney Land

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    I have 14, but I made the mistake (depends on how you look at it ) of buying a pin case holder (looks like a pocketbook) last time I was at the Disney Store:mickey: , so now I know I will be looking to fill it up !! I would like to get pins from all the resorts I've been to. Are they available for each resort?? Do I have to go to the resort to buy them or will they have them at the Disney Store in DTD . Also if I wear these pins on a lanyard, is that like a sign that I am willing to trade pins (because I really don't want to)!
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!

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    I am not a collector per se..but I do make a point to buy a pin each time i go that symbolizes the theme of that particular trip...for example when we went on a really rainy weekend I got the one with Pooh and friends under the umbrella.. I always write the date on the back of my pins so I can remember which trip they were from
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    I started collecting a few months ago, so far I have about 24

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    I have around 30. Strictly Pirate pins, though.
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    According to PinPics, I currently have 1314. I didn't realize I had that many!

    I have not been buying as many as I used to. I am mainly collecting WDW attraction and resorts pins now.

    "No capes!"

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    Just have a few that were gifts

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    If we're counting only official Disney pins, I currently have 327.


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    A quick flight to the Magic
    I have hundreds of pins, but i am seeking help with this addiction. Maybe there is a pincolectors annonamous? I have tried to force myself to just collect Mickey pins to keep it simple. They just make SO MANY Mickey pins. ahhhhhhhh HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    11 Pre-DVC Trips to WDW 8-1978 through 12-2006.

    Our DVC/Disney Resort trips have been:

    Trip #1 (Jan 31-Feb 5-07) SSR. Studio.
    Trip #2 (May 1- 8-07) OKW. Studio.
    Trip #3 (June 26-July 1-07) SSR. 1 Bdrm.
    Trip #4 (Sept 16-21-07) OKW. 1 & 2 Bdrm.
    Trip #5 (Nov 29-Dec 3-07) AKL.
    Trip #6 (Jan 26-Feb 2-08) AKL. Studio.
    Trip #7 (April 12-18-08) SSR. 1 Bdrm.
    Trip #8 (May 23-27-08) SSR. Studio.
    Trip # 9(May 27-30-08) OKW. Studio.
    Trip # 10(Sept 10-17-08) BWV. Studio
    Trip # 11 (Nov 15-21-08) VWL. 2 Bdrm.
    Trip # 12 (Dec 19-21-08) SSR. Studio.
    Trip # 13(Feb 1-6-09) SSR. 2 Bdrm.
    Trip # 14(Feb 27-Mar 1-09) AKV Studio
    Trip # 15(Apr 30-May 8-09) ASR Movies-1 nite, PO Riverside- 4 nites, SSR Studio 3 nites
    Trip # 16(July 6th-10th-09)Pop Century
    Trip # 17(Sept 18th-24th-2009)Pop Century
    Trip #18(Oct 10th-16th 2009) ASR Music-1 nite, SSR Treehouses 5 nites
    Trip #19(Jan 20th-26th 2010) OKW-4 nites, Bch Club Studio Villa 2 nites
    Trip #20(Apr 23rd-26th 2010) Caribbean Beach Resort
    Trip #21(June 18th-25th 2010) POR 2 nites, SSR 2bdrm Villa 5 Nites.

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    we have over 1,000 - and it is hard keep in check!
    but, it does help now to focus on favorite movies, rides, characters, places, and dated pins...
    our villains collection is a favorite too!

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