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Pin Trading Discuss Favorite Pins.... in the Disneyana forums; I really wasn't sure that I'd like the trading aspect but once I got the hang of it I had a ball! I started getting the Marie pins now-I put ...
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    I really wasn't sure that I'd like the trading aspect but once I got the hang of it I had a ball! I started getting the Marie pins now-I put one on my badge at work- another name tag!!

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    >>Oh I forgot about trading.. There are some guests who don't realize that some Cms in operations positions sometimes don't have the time to trade at the moment - there are several parts of park operation that are far far more important.<<

    CMs in positions where trading would inhibit the performance of their role are not generally supposed to be issued lanyards. (Putting someone with a lanyard on a load position at an attraction, for example, would be just silly)

    I really like the MK "fantasy" pin, the 2000 Celebration Silver-colored Mickey/Child hand pin, and the WDWRR pin.

    But I still believe pins are evil incarnate.

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    I would have a hard time choosing just one favorite. Favorite character has to be Mickey Mouse and I love pins with the Fab 5 all together. So many of the pins have stories and memories attached that I have many favorites!

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    The largest amount of pins in my collection have Walt Disney on them, next would be Alice in Wonderland, Tink, Stitch, Parks.... I LOVE the ones that are hinged... We have ours displayed on a HUGE bulletin board behind the couch - we call it 'disney art'.. makes it easier to part with $10-25 for a pin..
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    my faviorte pins are stitch,lady and the tramp,chip and dale,wdw parks,cinderella
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    My pinpics name is the same as my name here. Check out what I have sometime I'm always open to trading.
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    In MJ's collection our favorite pins are ones that have a story behind them...

    We have one that is a custodial angel pin, it isn't Disney, but it's made by a CM and given to MJ because of her connection to the Custodial Cast.

    We have one that is a teeny tiny replica of the security badge that was given to her by the head of security at MGM

    We, of course, have Lou's pin it was one of her first ten pins....
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    I like the 2nd anniversary pin as well as the 50th pin....I guess I like the anniversary pins

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