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Prayers & Pixie Dust Discuss need pixie dust!!! in the General Discussions forums; I dont mean to take my aggravation out on all of you but i need pixie dust!!! I have been trying to have a baby since Sept. with no such ...
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    need pixie dust!!!

    I dont mean to take my aggravation out on all of you but i need pixie dust!!! I have been trying to have a baby since Sept. with no such luck. I know it takes times but it seems EVERYONE around me are about to have a baby!! Just so i said sorry for taking it out on my fellow friends here at WDT but i need someone to talk to. My husband says im crazy and just let it happen! Please send pixie dust my way!!!!!

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    Sending you and patience. I know it can be frustrating and hard to wait. And getting pregnant is no guarantee of having a baby, either, and that can be an even worse heartache. There are 10 years between my first and my second child, so long we had pretty much given up hope of ever having that second one. But he's all the more precious because of the long wait.

    If you and your husband haven't had complete physicals recently, that would be a good thing to do now. But your husband is right, the more you worry about it, the harder it is.

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    Sending some pixie dust your way. And just remember the best things happen when you least expected them too.

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    Here you go. Here's some more just in case.
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    Shannon, I just saw this thread today, I went through the same thing you did, all my friends were getting pregnant and I wasn't and it was tough. Then when we decided to take a break from! I was pregnant (even went to WDW and rode everything, not knowing that I was expecting).

    Anyway, it seems that the more you think about it the less it happens, I know it's almost impossible but try not to think about it and let nature take its course. Did you try "not trying"?

    For my second it happened like this "I think I am ready for another baby" and boom, it was done!

    Almost 3 years later...I'm ready to pawn one off! JK, it's just been a rough day.....

    Good luck with everything!

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    Shannon, i didn't see this thread either. But sending you much needed pixie dust as well as patience. I know it's easier said 'be patient, it'll happen', but really it will.
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    The more you worry about it the less it's going to happen. Try to relax and enjoy all the practice When God feels the time is right you'll know.

    We had a guy at work loss his 2nd baby in 8 months. There was a little memorial service for both baby girls the other day. It's was very sad. It made me appreciate what I have. DD can be a pain at times, but I wouldn't trade the world for her! (maybe WDW though- ) Anyways, sometimes not being pregnant right away could be a good thing. Being pregnant and lossing 2 babies is probably harder.

    I will keep you in my prayers.


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    Shann on.... I am sending lots of and your way...

    Just know that things happen on God's time. It may not always line up with what we THINK our life path should be. He has his reasons and he has his ways.. I am sure God will bless you with a wonderful bundle of Joy when he knows you are ready for it.. Take care and know that I am praying for ya!
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