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Prayers & Pixie Dust Discuss Prayers for a friend's little one in the General Discussions forums; I can't think of a better way to ask for your thoughts and prayers than to copy the request straight from a good friend of mine. "To our friends and ...
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    Prayers for a friend's little one

    I can't think of a better way to ask for your thoughts and prayers than to copy the request straight from a good friend of mine.

    "To our friends and family and neighbors:

    We really don't like doing this an an email. But with all we have been through, this is the easiest way to communicate. For those of you who do not know, we have Lincoln at Medical City Dallas. He has been diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma. It is a rare form of cancer. We have been here since last Thursday (2/16).

    He came in to the ER with what we and the Pediatrician thought was constipation or a twisted bowel and the ER sent him home with care instructions for a bladder infection. The next day (Fri), I was back at the hospital for more tests because Lincoln was not urinating and cried inconsolably. These tests revealed a 9 cm diameter pear shaped tumor in his lower pelvic area that had completely obstructed his bladder. We had to wait until Monday at 4pm to have an operation to see if they could remove the tumor. During surgery they realized they could not remove it without damage to near by organs. So they did a biopsy. The results came back malignant. He has had bone marrow tests and a bone scan to see if the cancer spread and evidence shows that it has not (AMEN!!).

    Lincoln started his first treatment of Chemotherapy to shrink the tumor on Thursday. This process to treat cancer is going to be long and difficult on his little body but, we beleive that by taking baby steps and with our faith in God, he will be healed quickly and completely and when he does, the Lord God will have shown all of us his ability to perform a miracle!!

    To better understand this nasty disease, please click on the link above ("Rhabdomyosarcoma"). Please use this knowledge to pray for our son constantly as he needs everyone to be lifting him up in prayer. We will try to update everyone as we know more and we are trying to set-up a website to have a good location to document "Linc-y Linc's" progress.

    Also, please share this info with anyone we may have forgotten, your prayer groups, and churchs as we beleive in the power of prayer in numbers!! "

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    My thoughts and prayers go out to your friends family. I hope for the very best outcome for them...

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    My thoughts and prayers to you, our sun was diagnosed with a wilms tumour when he was three, he had a kidney out and chemo. He is now 11 and clear we know what you must be going through, Stay strong.

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    Oh my. How sad. I will certainly keep the little one in my prayers.
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    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friends family. I've had many run-ins with cancer with a lot of family members and friends. Stay strong and if you need anything we're here.
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    my thoughts and prays are with your friend and her family. Always sad when getting this news and even more sad when it is a helpless child.

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    I am very familiar with the devastation this form of cancer can cause in the life of a child and the family. They have a long haul ahead. I will keep them all in my prayers.
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    I'm so sorry to heard your news, He will be in my prayers.

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    Sending love, pixie dust and much needed thoughts and prayers to your friends family, especially Lincoln. Know that GOD will watch over them, and keep them. Be blessed in all that you do
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