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Prayers & Pixie Dust Discuss Wish me luck! in the General Discussions forums; I'm so sorry to hear that. I sure hope the best and perfect job is just waiting for you and that you find it soon....
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    I'm so sorry to hear that. I sure hope the best and perfect job is just waiting for you and that you find it soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stitch View Post
    It was a huge waste of my time. The guy was uninterested and kept leaving the room. And no one there showed one bit of interest in my portfolio.

    Back to square one.
    That is so unprofessional of him, maybe you are better off not working there.
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    Oh man April, I'm so sorry. Will be keeping the good vibes going, you are too talented to go unnoticed!

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    Oh no!! How RUDE that he kept leaving the room during your interview! I agree with tiggerguy-that is *extremely* UNprofessional! And that they didn't even look at your portfolio!! I know exactly how that feels-completely UNFAIR. I had an interview/test once, to be teaching some college test prep classes. Well, I didn't score THAT much lower than what they were looking for...and I actually could have re-taken the test if I wanted... but when I waited for a few days for them to let me know what they thought of my score, etc, and found out that they didn't even READ my essay that I had written (as part of the test) I was totally miffed. The girl said that the director felt like since I didn't get as high as they wanted in any of the areas (and honestly, it was SO CLOSE, that probably had I re-taken, I would have hit the mark), that "they didn't feel it necessary to go forward with the essay". Felt like a HUGE waste of my time, and like it was unfair- like they didn't even completely look at my 'application', kwim? Especially considering that the Writing score was a combined total of essay + questions, so actually the Writing score looks really bad w/o essay points, and yet they didn't even want to look at my essay (and since I was so close to the mark, likely my essay would have helped me hit the mark.)

    For about 3 seconds I thought about arguing it, then something inside me (God?) told me not to even bother, that I don't really WANT to work for people who are unfair like this, that I don't want to appear to be BEGGING them for a job, insisting they look at my essay or something.

    Funny thing is....THE SAME DAY I was sorting through the Orlando Sentinel (newspaper) and noticed that THAT location was looking for a new director. When I discovered that, I thought, "maybe that's why she really could give a flying hoot about me, SHE'S about to be leaving, evidently"

    Things happen for a reason hon, even when we don't see that reason NOW. This job looked so great to *you*... but remember God can see into the future, unlike us, and He knows why this isn't a good job for you. You will likely find out later why this would have been a bad move. *hugs*

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