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Prayers & Pixie Dust Discuss Prayers and Pixie Dust Needed for MN in the General Discussions forums; There was a bridge collapse tonight in Minneapolis. Right now they're saying at six are dead with several hundred injured. Please pray for those affected at this time....
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    Prayers and Pixie Dust Needed for MN

    There was a bridge collapse tonight in Minneapolis. Right now they're saying at six are dead with several hundred injured. Please pray for those affected at this time.

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    Definitely. I was just watching the images on CNN and it's awful. The worst is that it happened during rush hour, how incredible is that? All prayers go out to the affected and their families.
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    Yes, definitely. Prayers, hope and healing to all affected
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    I am from Ohio....far far from Disney World
    def. prayers needed.......i used to live out that way and have been across that bridge to go to Minnesota Twins games.........god bless all of them
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    I've been watching CNN all night and morning. My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to all the families that are involved.

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    p&p they will be in my thoughts for all who have witnessed,injured,or killed in this accident
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    Prayers and Pixie Dust for the families.
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    In the haunted mansion of course :P
    Much prayers and pixi dust to the familys and friends
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    I feel so thankful that I (so far) don't know anybody who was on it. One of my friends crossed the bridge at 6:00 and it fell around 6:05 which is kinda freaky. At least it fell at the end of rush hour, although there were still quite a few people on it considering it was bumper to bumper, but it was also down to only one lane due to construction work. We were lucky that the storm that was coming through missed the site. There was hail and lots of lightning only a few miles north, but they didnt even get rain which was really good. We are still hoping that there arent people in the cars buried within the river. From my last knowledge, 20 people were missing. THe whole state, or at least the metro, is completely changed by this right now. People are out giving blood and trying to help any way we can, but we cant actually get involved in the site because its too dangerous.
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    My prayers are going out to the families of those affected by this sad event.... There are no words that can even explain my feelings... I have been over that part of the highway quite a few times and I am hoping that the families get the support they need.
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    Sending P&P to the families and friends of all the victims of this tragedy, and to all of those who were injured.
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    i have family in the Twin Cities and was relieved to hear from everyone. Considering the location and time of day, it's amazing that there weren't more injuries and fatalities. I will keep everyone in my prayers.

    This section of bridge is a very important transportation link in the area. I've driven it many times. It's going to cause a massive traffic snarl in the area for a long time.
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    Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected

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    My prayers are with you and all those involved.
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    I just saw the bridge collapse on CNN and WCCO TV on cable and it is a sad news story. My prayers go out to all the victims families.

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