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Prayers & Pixie Dust Discuss Could Use Some Pixie Dust in the General Discussions forums; Im in great need of prayers and pixie dust. In the past 2 weeks, at my school there have been many upon many fights. Last Thursday many people were about ...
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    Could Use Some Pixie Dust

    Im in great need of prayers and pixie dust. In the past 2 weeks, at my school there have been many upon many fights. Last Thursday many people were about to fight outside right before lunch but the prinicpals broke them up before they could fight. Then everyone started going around saying there would be a massive fight Wendsday(yesterday). Tuesday night, somebody came up with the great idea of spreading around a massive rumor that reached everyone about kids bringing guns to school for this fight. Well yesterday over 200 kids didnt come to school, and in Period's 3 and 4 there was a HUGE line of parents in the office getting their kids out of school and kids calling home. Over 300 people went home. So half of the school was not here after lunch. Of course there was no fight, or guns. Today I stayed home with a migrane and I come to find out that there was a bomb threat(my borther was texting me). So its easy to say my school is falling apart. I just dont know whats gotten into the kids heads but it is very frightening to go to school unprotected. The only defense we have is a police officer, but in the light of the fights and rumors we now have 6 officers. Still not much to help me feel safe.

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    Sorry you have to have those kind of worries, Josh. It really is a world gone mad, that's why I love my DWT escape. Plenty of prayers and pixie dust are coming your way in hopes of a safer and calmer school and a more gentle world.
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    Sounds like the PTA or the student council need to get involved in uniting the student body. It's a shame that a small fraction of the school has taken over and is using the rumor mill to ruin life for everyone. I hope the principal and teachers can work with everyone to make school a safer place for all.
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    I am sorry to hear that. School should be a happy, welcoming environment that you don't feel scared going into. We are sending all of our prayers and pixie dust your way

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    In my Junior year we had 5 seperate bomb threats over the course of about 2 weeks, and three of the times we had to evacuate. I dont understand people that do that stuff...

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    Take care Josh and I hope everything gets back to "normal" soon.

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    I hope things get MUCH better at your school and please try and keep safe! Prayers and Pixie Dust coming your way!
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    Hey Josh if you don't mind, where do you live? The reason I ask, on the radio today, I heard a story that sounds just like this, and from what I heard on the radio, its just to ubsurd to have happend twice in one week at two different locations.
    Almost the same thing happed at my high school when I was in 9th grade. But it blew over just like it will at your school, but in the mean time I hope you get better and I'm sending some prayers and pixie dust your way!
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    P & PD for you Pal. Keep your head down and be careful!

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