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Prayers & Pixie Dust Discuss Sad news in the General Discussions forums; Hello all. I am officially back to planning my next Disney trip. October 2008. So I should be frequenting the boards again! Planned on going in March as well, but ...
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    Sad news

    Hello all. I am officially back to planning my next Disney trip. October 2008. So I should be frequenting the boards again!
    Planned on going in March as well, but things have changed SO MUCH in the past couple of months...where to begin?!?

    Well, happy news first..I have a new job that I LOVE! But its stressful too. And lots of responsibility...

    Sad younger brother (24 and 8 days) passed away unexpectedly on Feb 2. This is the VERY FIRST time I've had to deal with death..and for it to be my brother..its just crazy. I did really well the first couple of I'm barely making it, simply going thru the motions of every day life, not feeling or caring...everyone keeps telling me to talk about it, say something...but really I just miss him, nothing else to say...

    I hear it gets easier...I'm just praying that it comes soon...please join me in this. I would REALLY appreciate it.

    Here's the video that played at his funeral. Tons of pics with me and him..we were very close..


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    73 sorry to hear about your loss. Stay strong and always remember that his spirit will always be alive inside of you. God Bless

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    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. It is never easy to lose someone in your immediate family but with time things do get better. There are still times I think of my father, but I know he is in a better place now. Please know my families thoughts and Prayers are with you during this hard time! The video tribute is very sweet!

    It will be great seeing you around the boards and if you need any tips about going in October just ask. I was there last year Oct. 21-28. Just let me know!
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    That really hits home because my bro is about the same age! I wish you thoughts and prayers to get you through this hard hard time.

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    Our prayers are with you.
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    for you and your family
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    Sorry to hear of the loss of your brother. He may be away from you, but his spirit will always be with you as long as you keep him in your heart. Peace.
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    So sorry to hear, Kriskay. My prayers and pixie dust for you too.
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    So sorry to hear about your loss. Know that you and your family are in our thots. Hugs
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    Very very sorry to hear about your brother. May you be strong during this hard time. Many prayers coming your way.

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    P & P with you and your family. So sorry to hear about your brother. Strength comin' your way also.
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    So very sorry to hear of your loss. All the prayers & Pixie dust the world can spare to you, your family & all others who knew & loved him. May you, in due time, again find the comfort, peace & joy in your life that you know your beloved brother would want you to have.
    God bless.
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    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. It's hard to lose anyone you love. Now you have a special angel looking out for you. I will keep you and your family in my daily prayers.
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    I am so terribly sorry for your loss. He is in a beautiful place now, which I pray is at least some small comfort to those he left behind. You will be very much in our prayers
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    Thank you everyone for your kind words...and prayers. It is so very difficult..
    I appreciate you guys


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