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Prayers & Pixie Dust Discuss Pixie Dust and Prayers For Cassidy in the General Discussions forums; I'm asking my DWT family to please keep Cassidy in your prayers. She's been having a real hard time coping with Big Grammy's death. One day she seems fine and ...
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    Pixie Dust and Prayers For Cassidy

    I'm asking my DWT family to please keep Cassidy in your prayers. She's been having a real hard time coping with Big Grammy's death. One day she seems fine and then the next day she's writing on her countdown calendar that she misses her and draws sad, crying faces. And last night while she was at my mom's she said she didn't feel good. When my mom asked her what was wrong she said she had a feeling in her stomach. Mom got her to tell her that she was upset and missing grammy. She's afraid that she's going to forget her.

    It breaks my heart seeing her like this. I knew it would be hard on her since they were really close but I never thought it would be this bad. Please send some extra P&P her way.



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    P&P definitely coming Cassidy's way - and yours. It's so hard for a child at that age - they "understand" that the person is gone, but don't have the experience to understand that it is an inevitable part of life.

    A suggestion might be to let her pick out a small photo frame or maybe a locket that she can keep Big Grammy's picture in - one that is just for her, that she can look at whenever she wants. She may keep it very close to her for a while, and gradually it will take less of a role.

    You might also see if your clergy or school counselor can be of any help.

    A couple of good books: When Someone Very Special Dies: Children Can Learn to Cope with Grief: Marge Heegaard: Books , Sad Isn't Bad: A Good-Grief Guidebook for Kids Dealing With Loss (Elf-Help Books for Kids): Michaelene Mundy, R. W. Alley: Books

    And please give her a hug from me!
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    I do have a book about it that I got when Erin's gram passed away. When she died Cassidy didn't get nearly as upset as she is now. But then again, she wasn't that close with her either. I need to get it back out.

    I think her and mom are going to make a little photo album.

    One thing is for sure, this trip is going to be a very much needed vacation.

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    awww prayers and pixie dust are coming!
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    Ohh Lori! Mega P & Ps comng her way! There is a great book that my mom got me after someone in my family died. It's by Maria Shriver (Swaggneger's wife). I think it's called "What's Heaven?"
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    Lots of P's & P's coming her and your families way Lori.
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    Aww {{{hugs}}} Sorry to hear Cassidy is having a hard time.

    I remember Maria Shriver writing a book about this.... What's Heaven: Maria Shriver, Sandra Speidel: Books

    Maybe this could help her.

    P&P to you and Cassidy
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    P & PD for Cassidy.
    You could always let Cassidy have a little box of memories for her Grammy. More that just photos. Special items that make her feel close and remember her. I still have my Nans tea pot. I've never used it but it was in my nans kitchen for so long, i love seeing it in mine and a way to keep her as part of the family.
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    Lots of P & PD along with love and hugs coming her way. It's bound to be hard for her at the moment but in time she will smile and have only happy memories when she thinks of her. xx
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    Cassidy asked me last night if she could make Big Grammy an I miss you card and put it under her house.

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    Lots and lots of hugs for all of you, Lori. And I'm sending all the sparkles I can gather to Cassidy.
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    The first time or most major death is tough. Having good friends and family will help a great deal, I am sure.
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    prayers and pixie dust in abundance, that has got to be hard. The scrapbook and photo are great suggestions, we gave our nephews compostion books and let them write down all of their favorite memories, they keep them in their roooms and when something reminds them of the grands, they write it down. It has helped them a lot. But prayer for you as well, this is doubly hard for you.
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