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Prayers & Pixie Dust Discuss I need some Disney magic in the General Discussions forums; *snort...stop hurts to laugh....
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    *snort...stop hurts to laugh.

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    Sorry.... But that was such a good email.. hehehe

    How are you feeling today?
    WHAFTFCOL now who wants a cookie!?!
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    Oh Vix... I just saw this thread... I hope you are better very soon. Keep us updated.

    Been there done that, had it ripped out!

    What is PMS again???

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    *brings a train load of pixie dust*
    My dream is to play all day long at WDW!!!!

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    Oops, I'm a bit behind on finding this one. But better late than never.

    Wishin' you the best Vix! Take it easy, don't clean a thing (let 'em wallow in it for a little while... they'll learn to appreciate your efforts!), and get better soon!
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    Burnin' up with you, baby!

    Wink I got an idea!

    Hey! If you don't clean you can just tell your husband that you were going for the haunted mansion look

    He won't win the MVP or be voted into the Hall of Fame........then again, some heroes don't play games.


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    Don't let the cleaning get you down...or lack of being able to. It will still be there when you are feeling better, and anyone who complains can easily be handed a broom and a mop. As for meals, that's what tv dinners are for. Check the internet and see if you can shop online for groceries and have them delivered. Hope you feel better soon.
    mini-V What will you celebrate?

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