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    Pop Century and luggage help

    Last year my daughter and I took a week long trip to WDW using the Magical Express. We stayed at Riverside and our bags were brought to our room for us and everything was great. However, on the day we had to leave we had a big problem getting our luggage back over to the Magical Express check in by ourselves. She was only 6 and unable to carry much and I couldnít handle our entire luggage. SO I was basically losing it trying to drag everything, yelling at my daughter for not helping enough and acting like a maniac because I was upset. My daughter was crying because I was acting like a raging idiot and finally a stranger helped us. I fell so badly about how it all went down; it was an awful end to a great trip. I didnít even think about getting the luggage to the magical express check in until that day and hadnít planned ahead. I still feel bad about this episode.

    So that brings me to this year, we are going again on Friday for 10 days and using the Magical Express and are staying at POP Century. I know that our bags will be brought to our room by Magical Express, however what should we do when we leave? I donít think that Pop Century offers help with baggage or do they? Is there a way to request help in advance? If so how do I go about requesting help? Thanks, Jennifer
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    You believe that you can go up to Bell Services and borrow a cart to haul your luggage. Also, if you are flying one of the partner airlines, you can check your bags and get your boarding passes right at the resort.

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    Unfortunately Pop Century does not have bell services so there is no one to help and no carts to borrow. It would be nice if they had some way of taking care of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tikiman View Post
    Unfortunately Pop Century does not have bell services so there is no one to help and no carts to borrow. It would be nice if they had some way of taking care of this.
    This is simply not true. The day before you leave, call Luggage Services and schedule an assistance request. They'll come to your room and get your bags with you when you're ready to leave the next morning. This is stated on the notice you get in your Magical Express return packet that they'll put on your door the day before you depart.

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    That's not true, I stay at Pop all the time and we call the night before we are leaving and ask for them to come pick up our bags at a certain time, if your magical express bus is leaving at 11 am then you have your bags picked up at about 10 am. You just call and ask them, all the disney hotels have this.
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    Call and check to make sure they have you

    I just got back from Pop. While yes they do have luggage service to pick up your bags, I had some minor issues with it. We called the night before and asked for a 10 AM pickup. Well at 10:30 the next day, no pickup yet. I called, they said they were busy and the next runner would be there. At 11 still no pick up. I called again and they said the next runner was on the way. 11:15, still no one, so I went to luggage service, and they were busy. People checking out, people coming in from the airport, and no rooms ready having to check bags, etc. I asked for a supervisor and she did get on the radio and got a runner to go and get the bags. I didn't have to wait in line when it was time to leave for the ride back to the airport, which was nice. Not sure there was anything they could have done different, but at least a call to tell us they were super busy etc.

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    At th Value resorts, it's called Luggage Assistance, and it's done by appointment. I'd actually request it a few hours in advance of when you'll actually need it and have them store it for you, to avoid the possibility that they might pick up later than you reserved. Make the reservation for the pick-up the day before.
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