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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss which moderate or value resort to stay at for a romantic trip? in the Vacation Planning forums; My boyfriend of 7 years and I are planning to go in Nov. We (I'm) trying to pick a place to stay, we are up for either moderate or value ...
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    Question which moderate or value resort to stay at for a romantic trip?

    My boyfriend of 7 years and I are planning to go in Nov. We (I'm) trying to pick a place to stay, we are up for either moderate or value resorts (we're in college/ not tons of money). I want to stay at a romantic place. I looked at the value resorts sites and they look like they would be to busy/loud, but I would like to ask people who have gone can this type of resort be romantic? I have been leaning towards Port Orleans Riverside, but out of the moderate reosorts is this one nice for alittle getaway and if so which side ? My boyfriend wants to do a value resort so we'll have more money to spend around WDW he thinks we will not spend much time at the resort, I disagree I rather spend extra if it will make our trip more romantic. Can you please help?

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    Have to say Port Orleans Riverside. You have the river boat to Down town Disney, the walking path is beautiful and the whole resort seems quieter than Caribean beach or French Quarter

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    Port Orleans Riverside would be the best choice!
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    Having stayed at one each of the value, moderate, and deluxe resorts within the past year (Pop Century, Caribbean Beach, and Yacht Club), I would agree with you that as a resort, the value resorts are hardly romantic. That's not to say that you cannot make a memorable, romantic experience out of your stay if you stay there, but if you're looking for a quieter, more relaxing stay, head to a moderate.

    That being said, I recommend Caribbean Beach myself. I know Veritas above me just mentioned that it wasn't as quiet as PO:R, but I just stayed there with my gf of 3+ years this past March in the height of the spring break season (one of the busiest times of the year at WDW), and we loved it! And you're going at a much slower time of year, too! While the "Island" we were staying in was fairly full (a bunch of high school athletic teams were down there doing some spring training thing), other "Islands" of the resort seemed very much empty and extremely peaceful. The walk (or jog, if you're into that thing) around the bay was so pleasant, and if you really want some romantic alone time outside the room, I suggest you head off across one of the bridges to the little island in the middle of the bay - there are some quiet little trails and those neat little rocking benches that look out over the water, and there's only a few scattered around the island, so nobody could possibly plop right down next to you and ruin your moment. You can also rent a boat if you want and take it out on the water yourself. There are like 9 pools if I remember correctly, so even if the main pool is teeming full you can surely find somewhere quieter to lay out in the sun or just float, and each building has a little courtyard area that you can sit outside in later in the evening and read, or play cards, or do whatever if you are like me and like to soak up the fresh air once the hot sun goes down.

    I haven't stayed at Port Orleans since the days of Dixie Landings, so I really can't make a current, up-to-date comparison, but I can tell you that I would definitely recomment Caribbean Beach if you are looking for a quieter, romantic stay. You probably wont find quiet at the value resorts except when you are in your room, or if you like to get up real early before most everyone else does.
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    Riverside or Off-Property

    I would reccomend the Port Orleans Riverside for a romantic stay at a moderate resort. They have a nice themed walkway by the river, a decent restaurant, and romantic horse drawn carriage rides. However, if you have a car and the Extra-Magic Hours aren't a neccesity, I reccomend checking out the Springhill Suites at Marriott Village. (I know, I know bad juju off-site disney purist may strike me down) But it very may well be a good compromise between you and you bf. The rooms were quite nice, the king bed was quite possibly the most comfortable ever! There is a couch, fridge, microwave, and Free Breakfast! All for prices similair to the Value resorts. It's about 1.5 miles from Downtown Disney and PI and does have a shuttle, but really isn't worth it without your own car. Otherwise, sometimes the Hilton across the street from Downtown Disney has specials and they include extra magic hours and you wouldn't really need a car.

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    I agree, Port Orleans either Riverside or French Quarter. If you went with Riverside, I would definitely suggest the mansions.

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    I would suggest Port Orleans French Quarter with a water view room. Obivoulsy that makes your cost go up a tad bit more, but all the rooms with a view of the river are off the beaten path, away from the pool area and generally more quiet. My wife and I stayed at POFQ twice before we shifted to the values once we had kids and we were never disappointed. Granted those were the days were there were 2 differnet resorts (Port Orleans and Dixie Landings), now that they have "merged" into 1 the transportation aspect may be a bit more cumbersome. There is only 1 bus station at French Quarter, but you then have to go and stop at 5-6 Riverside stations before making your way anywhere. The river cruise to Downtown Disney is nice especially in the evening.

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    I have to agree with Caribbean Beach Resort. Take a romantic stroll along the beach. Relax in a hammock under the palm trees. November is a slow time of year. No need to be overly concerned with crowds.

    I have stayed at both Caribbean Beach Resort and Port Orleans Riverside. For romance, Caribbean Beach Resort wins.
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    My wife and i stayed at the Caribbean Beach for our honeymoon in 04 and it was romantic, but the Port Orleans resorts have that great river walk that is so beautiful to see and walk along, or take the carriage ride with the beautiful white horse to take You along the river. VERY ROMANTIC
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