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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Best Building at POFQ in the Vacation Planning forums; Looking to get people's opinions on the buildings at POFQ. Which would one would be best for a family of four?...
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    Best Building at POFQ

    Looking to get people's opinions on the buildings at POFQ.

    Which would one would be best for a family of four?

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    French Quarter is a pretty compact resort. All rooms with 2 double beds would be fine for a family of four. For the latest resort map, see

    Building 7 would be the farthest walk to the main building/food court, and even that would only be a few minutes.

    Buildings 2 and 5 are mirror images of each other, on opposite sides of the pool. The river is at one end, the pool between them, pretty garden views on the side away from the pools, and a short walk to the main building. They have my vote.

    Buildings 1 & 3 have more parking-lot view rooms, but 3 & 4 have short walks to the main building, and the sides away from the parking lots have pretty views. Parts of 1 and 6 are river view. One warning though is that the buildings are all exterior-corridor, so people will be walking by right outside your room. If you're paying extra for a water view, it may be of the river or it may be of the pool, and in either case people will be walking by your windows.

    Happy planning!
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    Before my POFQ stay, I relentlessly hit the message boards with questions such as yours, in the quest for assuring my family of 4 the best possible vacation.

    And then I got to POFQ and had a great laugh. I didn't know it ahead of time, but it was truly silly of me to think it mattered at POFQ. It doesn't.

    In my reservation, I had requested a room "near food court and transportation," so I was hoping for Buildings 3 or 4. When I checked in, I got assigned a room at the far far end of Building 2. I was annoyed, but I figured that requests are only requests, so I lived with it. As I looked at the map they give you when you check in (as if I didn't already have it and all its cute faux French names memorized, anyway!), I was even more annoyed. But then my wife and I and our 6 year old and 4 year old left the lobby building for the long trek to our far outpost of a room. 2 minutes. That's how long it took us to walk to our 3rd floor room at the way far and of Building 2, 2 minutes. And that was around 11:00 p.m. after a long day of work and travel.

    POFQ is so pleasantly compact that building location really doesn't matter unless you want a water view (which you pay extra for, and might be the pool rather than the Sassagoula River). I timed the farthest practical walk, from the far corner of Building 1, along the river path, to the doors of the food court. Ready to learn how far that longest walk took me, at a normal pace?

    3 minutes 20 seconds. The longest walk took less than three and a half minutes.

    Contrast this with Caribbean Beach Resort, a sprawling behemoth. I paid extra for a preferred location room, meaning being in one of the 6 buildings closest to the food court (CBR has 33 guest room buildings). From that room that I paid extra for, it was an exactly 5 minute walk to the food court. And like I said, this was from a room that I paid more for in order to be as near the food court as possible.

    So at POFQ, everything is relative. Are there shorter walks than my 2 minute walk from the far end of Building 2? Sure. If you put Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the Queen of England and Oprah Winfrey in a room, Oprah would be the poorest person, but we all know she's not poor. Building 1 is the farthest from the food court, but we who've been to POFQ know that it's not far from the food court, know what I mean???

    P.S. -- I didn't vote in the poll ... as you can tell by my post, I can't imagine a real difference between the buildings.
    -- Eric

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