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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Best resort to see fireworks from in the Vacation Planning forums; Can you get a better view of the MK fireworks from the beach at the Polynesian or the beach at the GF? How does the view compare to in park ...
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    Best resort to see fireworks from

    Can you get a better view of the MK fireworks from the beach at the Polynesian or the beach at the GF? How does the view compare to in park views?
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    I love the view from the Polynesian Beach (of course with a libation from Tambu Lounge!) The view from Narcoossee's was pretty good too. I've never watched from the beach at the GF.

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    I've watched the beach from both - and I think that the view from the Polynesian is nicer. Perhaps it's the location of the beach being directly opposite MK, but whatever the reason - tangible or intangible - you can't go wrong there! Don't underestimate the view of the fireworks from the observation deck in the Contemporary, either. It's quite nice there, too!

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    I actually prefer the view from the top of the Contemporary very slightly over the view from the Poly. I've never watched them from anywhere at the GF.
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    I watched them from Luau cove at the Polynesian. It was great! I was able to see the MK fireworks, watch the water parade, and listen to the music from the Luau , all while sitting on a beach with a cool drink.

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    I've watched from the beach at the GF, but by far the best is the Contemporary. Last year we had a room on the top floor facing the MK and we sat on the balcony every night for 5 nights waiting for the fireworks. They were so loud (it was 4th of July week) that it actually set off the alarms of the cars in the parking lot of the resort. And you're so close, the fireworks look like they are actually right over your head. It was amazing!

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    I've never watched the fireworks from any of the MK resorts, but I saw this question somewhere (or maybe it was a podcast that I heard it on) and the majority of people said they liked the view from the Poly the best.
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