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    Which Moderate Resort is the best?

    This is the question this week from my weekly blog and newsletter. I am curious as to your replies. Feel free to email me at if you would like to view this weeks newsletter. Here is my blog:

    "Which Moderate Resort is the best"

    The Moderates are the next price level for Disney resorts. The moderate resorts are Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs, and Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter.

    These resort rooms are bigger than the values and offer a few more amenities. These resorts each have a unique theme to them, but not quite as over-the top as the Value Resorts. Again, themed pools can be found on each property. Rooms will cost anywhere from $149 - $240 depending on your vacation season. One extra note is that Coronado Springs has a convention center and thus can have more crowds at its resort at certain times of the year than the other moderates.

    So which Moderate is the best? Our vote is for Port Orleans French Quarter. It is the smallest of the Moderates and offers one of the best pools at Walt Disney World. By being the smallest moderate resort, things are very centrally located. It is an easy walk from anywhere on the resort to the bus stop, pool, lobby, or food court/restaurant. It also has a convenient boat dock, where you can ride to Downtown Disney in about 15 minutes.

    Caribbean Beach is nice, but it is very spread out and you would probably need a car to maximize your time there. Coronado Springs is also a convention center, thus having more people than Port Orleans French Quarter.

    The other choice would be Port Orleans Riverside, but this resort is more spread out and larger than it sister resort, the French Quarter. If you want a little bit bigger room, and more coziness for a bit more money than a value, our vote is more Port Orleans French Quarter.
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    My favorite is also French Quarter. I love the atmosphere, size, and the beignets!
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    I have only stayed at two Moderate resorts: Caribbean Beach and Port Orleans French Quarter. I did not care much for CB. It is too spread out, and one night we walked back from the main building to our building, which was one bus stop from the main building, and we found it hard to locate our building. In the dark they look alike and the paths are a little squirelly. Just this past December I stayed at POFQ and I loved it. Very well layed out, not confusing at all. Beautiful grounds. Diddn't get lost once. Everythig is so close to the busess and main building.

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    I have only stayed at the POFQ so far. I loved it. We stayed in building 2, has a nice view of the pool (which wasnt loud at all). The walk to everything was quick and easy. My girlfriend and I often went to the little general store there for drinks and late night snacks after coming back from the park. The theme is great and the the place has a very laid back feel. The foliage and flowers are also a nice sight. The buses tended to come quick and were never really crowded.

    We were supposed to Stay at CB on our next trip, but do to the reconstruction of the pool we decided to go back to POFQ. Next time we will try a different resort (NOV\DEC 2008 maybe?...Hopefully!)
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    I stayed at POFQ in January and totally fell in love with it. I love that it is so small and everything is convenient. I didn't try the pool since it was January but it looked nice and relaxing. The only thing that I ddidn't like was that it shared a bus with POR at pick up. So it took longer to get to the parks. But I can also understand why it is that way. On my last day there I think I spent an hour or more just walking around the resort. It's so quiet and the theming ROCKS!! And the entertainment at Scat Cat's was awesome!!

    I'm going to try POR in May but only because I want to stay somewhere I haven't stayed yet. On the quest to stay at every resort at least once.

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    Oh goodness! This is always a toughie.

    For me, personally, we love the French Quarter. We love how it is small and easy to get around. We love the fresh made beignets. We love that it is pretty easy to get to all of the parks and we love the boat to DtD!

    That all being said, we honeymooned at CBR and really had a wonderful time. We stayed in Jamaica section and thought that was a perfect spot for us. The bus picked us up first and dropped us off first. We had just a short walk to OPR through the island and we really enjoyed the tropical setting and just being able to walk and walk around the lake along the beach. Plus, it was nice to have a quiet pool so close to our room.

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    My favorite is the Coronado Springs.
    I've stayed at Port Orleans and I liked it, but I wasn't that impressed with it, probably because I live in New Orleans.
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