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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Just visiting disney hotels in the Vacation Planning forums; I've never stayed at a WDW resort hotel but would like to visit a few as I've read some of them are an attraction in their own right (like the ...
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    Just visiting disney hotels

    I've never stayed at a WDW resort hotel but would like to visit a few as I've read some of them are an attraction in their own right (like the Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby). Does anyone know whether there are any restriction on entering these resorts if you're not a guest?

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    There is no restriction, you are prefectly welcome. The only restriction I do know of however, is that you are not allowed to swim in the pool area if you are not a guest. Have fun on your visits!

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    If you are driving into a resort area, the guard at the gate checks everyone entering. Whether you plan to visit by car or bus, give yourself a real treat and book a dinning reservation and do a "two for one" visit.
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    A tip when visiting AKL - they have a common viewing area which is located at the back of the resort. You walk straight back after entering. However when we stayed there I got some great pictures and video from the stair wells on each end of the horse shoe. There is quite a bit of walking involved due to the layout of the resort but it was well worth it. AND they also bring the animals into the pens during the day (not sure what time or if it was the same time every day) but they are in there for about an hour or so. If you can catch them when they let them out, it is quite a site. Like a scene out of the lion king. All of the animals, including the giraffe, come galloping out of the pens. Watching a giraffe run is one of the most graceful and awe inspiring things I have ever seen. Hope you enjoy your first visit! And don't forget to enjoy yourselves and don't rush through everything. Some of Disney's best "attractions" don't have you to stand in any lines at all.
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    On our last trip to WDW we never stayed at a WDW site and we visited several of the resorts to see what they were like and take Photos - especially at the All Star resorts.

    Also, don't forget that you can visit the restaurants within the resorts and have meals there!

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    Thanks for all your post's. I look forward to going and think I will go ahead and make dinner reservations. Thanks Again!!
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    If you are traveling by car, make sure that you have a photo ID to present to security at the gate. They won't let you park at some of the Deluxes that are located near parks unless you are dining or visiting guests. There are signs regarding this at Yacht & Beach and the Contemporary.

    They're usually fine about letting you park at Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Wilderness & AK Lodges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yensid78 View Post
    And don't forget to enjoy yourselves and don't rush through everything. Some of Disney's best "attractions" don't have you to stand in any lines at all.
    Well said! Couldn't agree with you more.

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    We plan to visit a few of the other resorts while we are there. We are eating at a couple of the ones we'd like to visit. Having a photo ID won't be a problem as DH and I have more than one of those apiece.

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    If you want to visit Contemporary, GF, Poly or WL just take a boat from MK over to them. We do this at Christmas time to see the decorations and the Gingerbread House at GF.

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    I love checking out resorts that we have not stayed at yet. Disney resorts are so beautiful. We like checking out the gift shops in each one.
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    You'll have a wonderful time visiting Disney resorts. I definitely agree with the suggestions that you book an ADR and have a meal at a couple WDW resorts. I always stay on property and I ALWAYS visit several resorts for meals, gift shops, taking in the resort grounds, etc.

    HAVE FUN! Let us know which resorts you visited when you return!
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    We added a day to our trip so we could make it to the Race for the Taste. Since we aren't park hopping until Monday, we made a reservation at Boma! I am really excited to see the resort and eat something new!

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    Another very fun place to stroll is along the river of the Port Orleans French Quarter/Riverside--and there is a boat that you can take to Downtown Disney and you don't have to be staying at that resort to take it. LOVE it! Have a wonderful time!

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