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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter in the Vacation Planning forums; It's Riverside all the way for us! You know people complain about how spread out it is...but with how picturesque the landscaping is I could walk the grounds for hours ...
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    It's Riverside all the way for us!

    You know people complain about how spread out it is...but with how picturesque the landscaping is I could walk the grounds for hours and never get tired of it! It's simply the most beautiful of all the resorts period!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lorilovestigger View Post
    I stayed at POR 2 weeks ago and found that I liked POFQ better. Mainly because it was smaller. The theming of both resorts is wonderful.

    Try POFQ and see what you think.
    Lori, do you remember what time the POFQ food court opens? I'm hearing 7 a.m. and that seems a bit late for me.

    I'll be at POFQ 7 nights in Dec. and I'm hoping for at least a 6:30 a.m. food court opening.

    Thanks for letting me interject this question to this post.
    ~Jerry & Nancy~

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    I never stayed at Riverside, but don't feel the need to. I loved French Quarter!

    One advantage I saw was the French Quarter buses were the first stop on the bus route. Many times for us we would get on to an empty bus that would be nearly full by the time it stopped at Riverside, which meant fewer seats for them. Disney may have altered this somewhere along the way, but is meant we always got a seat.


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    I like both resorts, but I prefer the French Quarter. I like the quaint quiet themeing of the the whole resort. Riverside has great themeing too, but its more of a noisy bustling atmosphere. French Quarter is a very small, compact resort so everything (rooms, pool, food court, bus stop) is close together, Riverside is much larger and it can be a hike to get to the restaurants if you're over near the pool or in the plantation-style mansions. Furthermore, French Quarter only has one bus stop..... Riverside has numerous stops, which usually means it will take longer to get to the parks because the bus has to stop more places. Sometimes French Quarter does share a bus with Riverside. Sometimes they don't, lately when I've gone they haven't been. However, when they do share stops, FQ is always the first picked up and the first dropped off. Handy if you want to make sure you get a seat on a bus that will probably be packed to standing-room only, and also handy if you want to get back to your resort quicker with a nap for the kids.
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    good ole southern boy.....
    We have never stayed at either resort,but we did stay at Caribbean Beach one year.I didn't see what all the fuss is about the moderate resorts.The rooms were not much bigger than the values resorts,maybe a little,the food court was horrible.The arcade did not have any games to play for tix for my kids to accumulate to cash in for those "corny prizes",The bus picked us up first at the Jamaica stop,but then had to go all the way around the complex to pick up everyone else.Took too long to leave the resort property just to get where you are going.The ONLY thing I saw that was better than the value resorts,is the landscaping.But even that was not that grand in my opinion.
    Now as I said,this is about CBR.WE went over to these two that yall are talking about here,looked around took some pics,actually rode the boat over to them from DD.That was relaxing.But as far as staying in them,no I won't.I just don't feel that the higher prices than the value resorts is worth it.Think about it.What do you do mostly at your room?Sleep and take a shower and watch a little tv.A value resort accomodates that just fine.
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    I stayed at Riverside when it was called Dixie Landings and then we stayed at Riverside last December. I loved it both times. I think it's really beautiful there. There are a few extra niceties (a curtain which can be used to block the sink / bathroom area etc.) but the rooms are pretty much the same as at a value resort. Fortunately we get discounts from a person who is a CM so the discount cancels out the extra cost. If I was really going to blow my wad I'd stay at the Wilderness Lodge. I like that hotel best. It's worth just walking around in even if you can't afford to stay there.

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    I like them both, but I prefer French Quarter. I love the quaintness of the resort. It is the smallest of the moderate resorts.

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    We stayed at Riverside back in the Dixie Landings days and we loved being on the river and the peacefulness of the resort. We're trying POFQ in one year and one day, and from the reviews I've read, I'm thrilled to try it out. I'd say give POFQ a try!


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    I'm really glad I read all these great things everyone has to say about POFQ. I booked our stay there for our honeymoon at the end of January. It always seemed like somewhere that I would really like, and after reading this, I think I made a good choice.

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    French Quarter for me, love the place, nice and easy to get round. Delightfully themed and nice and close to Disney Market Place for a relaxing evening river cruise after a hard day at the park.
    10 monthe to go and we will be there again.
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    We are going to try POFQ this year. Our neighbors (DN?) have stayed there a couple times and speak very highly of it.

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    We are trying Riverside, we were looking at both. My husband booked our trip and he thought the Riverside was more for us. My friend said we couldn't go wrong with either. I heard the grounds, the rooms & dining are all wonderful. They didn't have any complaints when the stayed at Riverside. So, we are truely looking forward to our June trip. I will post when we return.
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