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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss If you could live at one resort in the Vacation Planning forums; I admit I found this question on another site, but I thought it would be fun to ask here. If you could live at one WDW resort hotel, which one ...
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    If you could live at one resort

    I admit I found this question on another site, but I thought it would be fun to ask here. If you could live at one WDW resort hotel, which one would it be?
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    the poly... it's like living in the tropics but on disney property... what could be better than that?

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    gotta be animal kingdom lodge

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    Massachusetts... not close enough to the world :(
    Pop Century i love the different time periods and was years keep going by its fun to look back!
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    Polynesian-atmosphere, environment, food and landscaping would keep me content until the end.
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    Thats a toughie between the cabins in Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge.
    I love seeing all the trees and the feeling of being out in the woods while being so close to the magic.

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    1,015 miles from WDW in Central Indiana; Windermere FL
    Boardwalk because it has easy access to EPCOT and MGM and shopping and dining options.
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    Without a doubt it would have to be the Polynesian resort.
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    Wow... tough one. I think I'd go with the Contemporary... a park side tower room so I could watch the fireworks and water show each night. I'd love to be able to head down and grab food at Chef Mickey's every day and then hop down to the bay or the water slide for some fun.
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    I'd have to also say the Contemporary, great views, great food, great everything! lol or if it's not the Contemporary then I would say the Swan or Dolphin, great views for Illuminations! lol. But I would like the Contemporary better!
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    villas at wilderness lodge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Talking My resorts...

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    I would have to pick Old Key West. Peace and Quiet.

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    This thread definitely needs a poll along with it. Put another vote in for the Poly for me.

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    I think it would be Grand Floridian. I usually don't shell out that kind of money to stay there, but I love the view and the lobby. There are great restaurants and it is next to a lake. The grounds are beautiful too.

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