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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Vacation Rental Or Hotel Room? in the Vacation Planning forums; I Just was wondering among the forum members which do you prefer when coming to Orlando.........A Vacation Home or A Resort Room?...
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    Vacation Rental Or Hotel Room?

    I Just was wondering among the forum members which do you prefer when coming to Orlando.........A Vacation Home or A Resort Room?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mousehouseguy View Post
    I Just was wondering among the forum members which do you prefer when coming to Orlando.........A Vacation Home or A Resort Room?

    I like a resort room, I like the themeing and the daily mousekeeping service and the ammenities that go with staying on property. Plus I don't want my family getting any ideas that I will be cooking on vacation. It's my vacation too!
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    i second that! hotel room for sure! i mean who actually makes their bed while in disney world?! i usually hop right out and slam the door behind me without looking back and when i come in from a long day its already clean for me whats not to love?
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    Hi all! First posting on this board. We love vacation home rentals. Will be doing one for our third time this coming winter and find it very relaxing and very affordable for families. Great communities very close to WDW. Grammy

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    Why don't you get the best of both worlds and do a Disney Vacation Club villa? Even if you're not a member of DVC, Disney will happily sell their Villas for a stay if they're available. Try the Wilderness Lodge Villas or the Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas. You will get the Disney magic, transportation and service you want but the space that you need.

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    Me, I'm all about hotel rooms. I prefer on property but if I'm staying off (which hasn't been in years) I'd still go with hotel. Why? Well... we're never there. I don't see paying for a rental with a kitchen and all sorts of goodies if you're going to be in the parks from morning until night, maybe heading back for just a nap and a snack. That's just us though.
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    I would definitely do a hotel. We've done villas a few times and its just not the same. Even the nearest villas aren't exactly close to the them parks. I like to be able to use the Disney buses to the parks if I want to and if its a villa you can't dp that. I like to be where its busy and hotels are best for that.

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    I like the rentals. We tried one this past June and were very happy. For less than the cost of a Value Resort, we spent 10 nights in a 4 BR, 2 1/2 BA home with private pool. Lots of space and not that far. By leaving the house at 8:35, we made rope drop everywhere except MK. We spend all day in the parks, but for such a long stay, it sure was nice for our family of five not to be crowded into one room.

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    We prefer vacation homes. When travelling with family it works out cheaper and just having the space a home has makes it so much nicer. We enjoy having the pool right outside and the kids love having their own bedrooms rather than sharing with us.

    Also, having your own kitchen and laundry makes your vacation more relaxed. Eating when you want and being able to wash clothes works well for us.

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