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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss three resorts and not sure what to pick in the Vacation Planning forums; I have a resort question. My friend will be 22 and I will be 23 at the time of our trip in March and I'm wondering what resort we should ...
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    three resorts and not sure what to pick

    I have a resort question. My friend will be 22 and I will be 23 at the time of our trip in March and I'm wondering what resort we should try and get. I have narrowed it down to three that I think that we will enjoy. The three are: All-Star Movies, All-Star Music, and Pop Century. I'm figured that after the parks close that we will be spending most of our time in the resorts, but not sure what one would be the best of us. This will be her first time EVER at Disney and I have never stayed in the resorts. So, which of this resorts do you think will be the best for us? I'm not sure exactly what these three have to offer, so if figured that some people here will be able to help.

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    I would HIGHLY recommend the Pop. Since it is the newest of all three, it is better suited for your needs. My personal favorite. But the difference between the three in terms of amenities (sp?) and such is not much different. If you are still unsure, consult the Unoffical Guide to WDW, or the Passporter Guide to WDW. My two favorite guide books. They tell you about the different hotels with options that try and suit you. Hope this helps!
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    Well, depends on what you need in a resort. Pop is very popular with lots of cool stuff. ASMu and ASMo are great also and I have stayed at ASMu. Toad's Buddy is correct that the best thing to do is check out the menus for the food courts, look at the pics of the properties and read the amenities list before you make a decision. Deb's Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World is most everybodies favorite resource site, she has everything on there. Also, what you will need a room for and is it worth the difference in cost (if there si one). Aside from that, you may want to call dsney and find out how many under 15 year old sports, cheer, karate, soccer, band, etc, teams may be on any given property. Not too much more annoying then a gaggle of those kind yada yadaing thru the night, if you are trying to have a grown up vacation.

    These are strictly my suggestions and things to consider, no offenses meant to any one, just my suggestions.
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    I stayed in all three during my trip in Dec 06. You could always resort hop like that. I think I would rank them like this:
    1. Pop
    2. ASMo
    3. ASMu

    However, I liked them all. I haven't been disappointed with a trip to the World yet and hope the next ones are great!

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    pop Century!!!! I've Stayed There So Many Times! Don't Question It!
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    i'd definitely say my personal favorite is Pop Century
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    I have stayed at Pop and All Star Sports, and I would definitely recommend Pop all the way to the All Star resorts. Since there are 3 All Star resorts, you have to make 3 stops on the buses and those resorts are always pretty full. But with Pop, you just have one stop which is nice when you are exhausted after a full day of the park. The food court is a food court, but I would highly recommend the blueberry muffins - they were the best muffins I have ever had!

    Oh, and if this helps...I am 22 and I absolutely love the theming of Pop!

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    Like everyone else, I would recommend Pop (only from what I've heard - I've never been there ). I have stayed at the All Stars, so if you want to pick from one of those, your biggest factor to consider (aside from which theme appeals to you the most) is when the busses pick you up. If you are at the All Star Sports, you get picked up first and have to ride to the other two All Stars but get dropped off from the parks first, but if you stay at the Movies you get picked up last and dropped off last. The Music is obviously middle-of-the-road. Other than that, they are all almost identical.

    Here's something else: I don't know if anyone can confirm this, but I swear that I've seen a separate bus for the All Star movies at the parks before. However, this was in the summer when attendance was higher.

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    LIke most others here I vote POP! It's the has a fantastic food court and its own dedicated bus service which is a major selling point for me!

    Plus you don't get the big groups at POP like you do at the All-Stars. I.e. cheer leading groups...Pop Warner groups...etc...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spodie View Post

    Here's something else: I don't know if anyone can confirm this, but I swear that I've seen a separate bus for the All Star movies at the parks before. However, this was in the summer when attendance was higher.
    During the busier times of the day (park closing especially) they may run separate buses for the resorts that normally share. This happens with the Port Orleans resorts as well.

    I'll chime in with another vote for Pop.
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    If you are going in March you need to make your reservations pronto, if not sooner. As far as which resort, I would recommend All-Star Movies, but the others are just fine. Having stayed at the All-Stars many times I say the bus service to the parks is the best. Since you are going at one of the busiest times of the year, if not the busiest, expect long lines in the parks, especially the MK. Have a grrreat time and good luck getting into the resort of your choice, but remember to be flexible and tell the CM that, as he or she may have to split your stay between resorts if you are planning more than a few days at WDW. Don't try to do it all in 2-3 days. I know a lot of persons who were overwhelmed during their first trip and won't go back.
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    I would do POP myself, its newer and a little bit more interesting IMHO

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    Looking forward to checking out Pop next visit, have stayed at AS Sports once and Music twice, I've always wanted to try Movies but it's always sold out first it seems! Sports was the first stop on the bus route so that was a bonus. For me though, the AS resorts are pretty interchangeable otherwise, only the theming is different. As long as I am there, doesn't really matter where I stay, it's just a place to sleep, shower and leave my bags!

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    I think Pop's location is the most convenient to the theme parks out of the resorts you mentioned.
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    I'm a Pop Century Fan. Great theming pretty new facility. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
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