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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss new rooms in Caribbean in the Vacation Planning forums; In tridad south aka the worst place to stay at the caribbean beach resort seem like they are trying to get people stay all the way out there with new ...
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    new rooms in Caribbean

    In tridad south aka the worst place to stay at the caribbean beach resort seem like they are trying to get people stay all the way out there with new pirate themed rooms... Finally something that may make it worth staying all the way at tridad south. there's the link

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    At least if you are staying in the more remote section, you can have more quiet AND more theming.
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    These rooms look very cool, I would love to try one out someday

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    Several years ago,we stayed at Caribbean beach.We stayed in the Jamaica section,across the bridge from the main pool.It wasn't a bad walk at all to go over to the main pool and building,the area we were in,was very quiet while we were there.Even though the CBR is a nice place,nice landscaping with the sand and hammocks and such,the rooma are really no better than a value resort.They are just a little bit bigger,but not much.Plus,we did not like the food court at all.We ate lunch there on our check-in day,but that's because we had not been there before,and we found the selection of food to be very limited as opposed to the allstar resorts and POP.We only ate supper there one more time,because we left a park early,but the rest of the time,when not in a park,we went over to POP to eat every night.
    I did not like their bus setup either.We were picked up first,being right by the road in the Jamaica section,but then the bus went all the way around the complex before it exited the property,to pick up others.This lost a lot of time trying to get somewhere.
    In conclusion,I won't stay at CBR again.Furthermore,I won't stay at any moderate resort.I just don't think the extra money is worth it in comparision to the value resorts.You just don't get enough for that much more money for me to feel it's worth it.
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