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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss POFQ As Compared w/Deluxe Resorts? in the Vacation Planning forums; In the past we have stayed @ AKL, WL, Contemporary and Poly (favorite). We're going to try POFQ this year, and I was wondering if any of you have any ...
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    POFQ As Compared w/Deluxe Resorts?

    In the past we have stayed @ AKL, WL, Contemporary and Poly (favorite). We're going to try POFQ this year, and I was wondering if any of you have any opinions on what I should expect besides what the websites and travel guides say. I am sure there are differences with the resort amenities and room layouts, but I am more concerned with how the resort "feels" if you know what I mean.

    Generally, we like to come back to the resort for a mid-day swim and also enjoy just hanging out on the grounds after we get back from the parks in the evenings. We'll eat a few meals at POFQ, but most of our dining will be done elsewhere. What should we expect?

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    Re: POFQ As Compared w/Deluxe Resorts?

    We stayed at POFQ last June and really enjoyed it. The rooms are a little smaller and double beds instead of queen size. POFQ is smaller than most of the moderates and less spread out. We prefer the food courts for variety and don't always need a sit down expensive meal. There isn't a table service restaurant at POFQ but we never miss it. We have stayed at the contemporary, but can't justify the extra expense for a deluxe. No room service, and motel style instead of inside hallways of a hotel. The moderates are still Disney and very nicely themed. We have stayed at all the moderates and like them all. But PO, both of them, have the boat to downtown disney and we really enjoy that. I guess I really enjoy the openness at the moderates, the resort feel, its not just a hotel.
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    Re: POFQ As Compared w/Deluxe Resorts?

    We stayed there at Christmas. The rooms are nice but not as large as a deluxe. We had plenty of room since with a family of 6 we need two rooms. We liked how close everything is. We were in building one but it was only a short walk everywhere. The buses were easy to catch and it wasn't a long walk to our room since this resort is smaller. The pizza was really good in the food court as well as the breakfast. However, the morning people are not in a big hurry so if you are in a rush, you might not want a full breakfast. But that is just about the only "issue" we had. Oh, we probably wanted them to vacuum a bit more but we were there for a week so they may not have thought they needed to do that as often. I didn't call housekeeping to rectify the situation though so I have one to blame but myself.

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    Re: POFQ As Compared w/Deluxe Resorts?

    FC and POR lack the amenities of the Deluxe Resorts you mention.
    Yet they are my favorites. AKL, the lobby is beautiful. How much time do you spend in the lobby. They have a balcony however rooms are tight just like FC & POR Contemporary, to me was like a major truck to a pool full of tourists. WL well I do love it, but we were in the parks so much I questioned the $$/for time spent there. Poly, same thing, loved that place, but again we were a major walk to the main building.
    FC & POR is a great escape and cool down time from the parks. Few visit so it is mainly resort guests. I favor the food court at POR a short walk, I love both pools, FC hot tub nicer especially in the evening. Bike ride around the walk areas that connect FC & POR is so much fun. Both resorts are beautiful inside and out. The landscaping, gazebo's are lovely as is the river and riverboat ride down to DTD. Disney fixed everything that wasn't right with Caribbean, and poured a boat load of money into the atmosphere of FC & POR. If you enjoy the resort without trying to make it be a deluxe I'm sure you'll fall in love with it too.
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    Re: POFQ As Compared w/Deluxe Resorts?

    I love the Port Orleans resorts, they're probably my favorite moderates.

    The biggest difference you'll probably notice between them and a deluxe resort would be a slightly smaller room with standard size beds. The rooms are all outdoor rooms, meaning the door into the room is accessed to opens to the outdoors instead of a hallway. The moderate resort rooms lack a balcony and they lack many of the deluxe resort amenities. I do find however, that the Port Orleans resort offer quite a large variety of recreational ammenities that the other moderates do not. You can take a carriage ride (for a charge) at Riverside, go fishing with a cane pole, and I believe they also do watercraft and surrey rentals at both the resorts. When it comes to theming, the Port Orleans resort is top notch, and I doubt you'd be able to tell the difference between them and a deluxe resort in this department.
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