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Poll: Where have you stayed

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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Where have you stayed in the Vacation Planning forums; Polynesian, Wilderness Lodge, what use to be Disney Dixie Landing, and All Star Music...
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    Polynesian, Wilderness Lodge, what use to be Disney Dixie Landing, and All Star Music
    My dream is to play all day long at WDW!!!!

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    Wow, I just realized how much I am a creature of habit. We have stayed in the All Star Music, Caribbean Beach, and the Boardwalk. 90% of those times were at the Boardwalk. We're not DVC members or anything - we just like it there.

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    Stayed at Caribbean Beach 1998, (These next DVC with friends)Vero Beach 2001, Wilderness Lodge Villas 2001, Beach Club Villas 2006, Saratoga Spring Villas 2006. Next June Port Orleans Riverside. Would love to be a DVC member but waiting patiently as I will one day.....
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    Boston,SSR, AKLV, Will's ship, Balian's castle
    Wow, I have stayed at 3 more resorts since this poll was created!

    I got engaged @ WDW 1/24/10

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    I've stayed in two additional resorts since I first posted here and both have been in the last 5 months.
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    I have been to the Wilderness Lodge and I am about to go to the Polynesian Resort in 5 days! I totally recommend the Wilderness Lodge, it is amazing!

    2004-Wilderness Lodge
    2008-Polynesian Resort

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    First visit ever Carribean Beach 2005 Disney's Old Key West 2007/2008 Saratoga Springs 2008.

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    Waiting to leave WI and go to Disney World
    Every time we go we stay at the Pop Century. We just love it there. I can't wait to go back. As of right now we don't know when we are going back next. But, it kind of looks like it will be Christmas 09. I don't know if I can wait that long.

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    Re: Where have you stayed

    I have stayed at POR,BC,ASM,Pop,Poly,HH,OKW,SSR. This trip I am staying at WL and when I go with my marching band in 2013 we are staying at one of the All Star ones.
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    Re: Where have you stayed

    We love POFQ and have stayed there twice; we also stayed at All-Star Sports when it first opened. This summer with the budget a little tighter we are set to stay at Pop for the first time. I'm excited! Thanks to the buy 4 - get 3 we are also able to afford 9 days!! We're at 101 and counting...

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    Re: Where have you stayed

    Boardwalk, Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, Dolphin, Beach Club, Old Key West, Carribean Beach, Dixie Landings, All Star Sports, All Star Movies, All Star Music, Pop Century

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    Re: Where have you stayed

    always wanted to stay at every disney hotel.

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    Re: Where have you stayed

    Caribbean Beach*Port Orleans French Quarter*Pop Century*Port Orleans Riverside*Coronado Springs*Yacht Club*Old Key West

    Loved them all!!!!

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    Re: Where have you stayed

    I have stayed at the Contemporary 2 times, Polonesian 1 and Fort Wilderness 3 times.

    I enjoyed all for their uniquely different character. OF those I would rate the Poly the most relaxing and the veiws of the MK where outstatnding.

    The Conteporary I stayed in the tower 1 time and in one of the wings the other, both had the lake veiws which were quite nice in the am as the cool water met the warmer air and causes lake smoke which again was quite beautiful in the early am. Only drawback to the Contemparary was the hustle and bustle of the place and it was quite noisey in the evenings. With the monorail and kids racing around in the halls, it got kind of loud at times.

    Fort Wilderness has lots of its own unique charm with the heavy vegatation and roaming ducks and birds looking for snacks from the campers. Very quite at night and theres the free live character shows and movies to help eveyone winde down from the all day excitemment of the parks. But early mornings can be very unpleasantly noisey. For starters at @ 5am you have the dump trucks and crews collecting the trash and that goes on for @ an hour. Then there are the CM buses bringing the CM's to their jobs. Then you have hundreds or maybe thousands of awakening campers. Over anxious kids getting yelled at by under caffinated parents. Whenever Ive camped there, I set my alarm up for @ 530 and was able to hit always hit the comunity showers way before the crowds do. And then hit the Fort Wilderness resturant as it opened, again before the crowds hit. The breakfast buffet in Fort Wilderness is the best of all the places ive tryed and have even gone there to eat instead of the restuarants at the Poly or Comtempary.

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    Re: Where have you stayed

    Animal Kingdom Lodge
    Wilderness Lodge
    Old Key West
    Port Orleans French Quarter
    Port Orleans Riverside
    Coronado Springs
    Caribbean Beach
    Pop Century
    All Star Sports
    All Star Music
    Royal Plaza (Downtown Disney)

    I feel like I'm forgetting one though...

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