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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Where have you stayed in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by iwantobeaCM hey jedi princess well be in disney at the same time! how cool! ps-i love your sn--i am a starwars freak as well Way cool maybe ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by iwantobeaCM
    hey jedi princess well be in disney at the same time! how cool!

    ps-i love your sn--i am a starwars freak as well

    Way cool maybe we will see each other down there. Just look for the very harass Star War Obessed Mom with the two dare I say it girls that will probaly be arguing over what to ride next


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    We've stayed at All Star Music once, which is o.k. Then Fort Wilderness 3 times. I can't say enough good things about this place. So much to do! Pony rides and a petting farm for the kids, horse rides, campfire sing along and marshmellow roast with Chip and Dale every night, followed by a Disney movie. We've camped here in a tent and also rented an R.V. once. We're staying at a time share this trip and will definitely miss F.W. But we'll be there our first night for Hoop De Doo, which is always how we start off our visits to the World. "Hoop de doo,, hoop de doo..." :mickey:
    Disneyland in October '07?

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    I am so excited to be going back to Hoop Dee Doo! I am getting to take my brother who has never been. It will be so fun!

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    In 1994 I stayed at the Contemporary but don't remember it because I was only 3-years-old. Last year I stayed at the Polynesian and I'm now obsessed with Disney. This December I am staying at the Carribean Beach.

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    The Caribbean Beach is a really nice resort so relaxing feeling.

    Caribbean Beach so far is the most popular place to stay amongst DWTer's

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    Oh I really liked the Disney Institute. Anyone remember that? Now, I LOVE Coronado Springs Resort. I still gotta stay at Port Orleans, the French Quarter(Riverside is REALLY awesome). umm, the Contemporary, The Grand Floridian, Fort Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, The Poloneasian Resort, and The Swan and Dolphin, The Yacht Club, & Beach Blub. All the rest, we've stayed at! Coronado has an AWESOME pool! I LOVED it and i'm not a kid, well, maybe at heart.
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    The only time I've ever stayed on property, it was at Pop Century... I'll be heading there in a few weeks to do it all over again
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    I never knew the Caribbean Beach Resort was so popular.

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    Beach Club, Poly, All The All Stars, Pop, Caribbean Beach (hated it btw.never again ), Coronado, Port Orleans French and Riverside, Boardwalk, Wilderness Lodge, Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, and the Dolphin.

    I still need to stay at Contemporary and Grand Floridian, but it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon.

    The Yacht Club and Swan I will probably pass on.

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    All star, and pop century. I think pop century is the best though. But that is just my opinion
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    Stayed at all resorts, including The Grosvenor (Hotel Plaza), Swan, and Dolphin. I guess a lot of people plan their vacations around visits to the Parks; I plan around the resort I choose. Activities, theming, food, view, etc. I work hard to get out of NJ 1x-2x a year; I don't need to spend my entire vacation running at full speed.
    I love the Parks and I make sure I get my fill of my favorite rides, but they are just part of the vacation. The other part is a cold beverage (or several) poolside.

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    Our first on site stay was at Pop which was very nice. Next was POFQ & we really loved it!!! We'll be returning there in April. Rooms at the mods are a little roomier & POFQ was pretty quiet. Nothing wrong with Pop, just preferred POFQ!!

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    I've stayed at Caribbean Beach (Don't remember 1 bit of the hotel...though we have some of one of the quiet pools on Video)

    All Star Music, I remember a little bit. I especially remember sitting on an instrument on the side of the hotel (trumpet? something like that?). I also liked the pool that had the three Caballeros in it!

    I've also stayed at Port Orleans Riverside (back when it was Dixie Landings). I was also young, and don't completely remember this. I remember liking the room. My sister and I got trundle beds, which we thought was cool. I liked the pool, I remember the slide (and getting lost with my gramma afterwards. I was only 4! )

    And more recently I have stayed at Pop Century. The theming is excellent! We stayed in the eighties section...sort of near Roger Rabbit. The rooms were nice, although we had some loud next door neightbors ...when we were trying to sleep. (But that's not Pop's fault)

    I liked the pools, hippy Dippy (60's) being my favorite. Bowling (50's) after that, and Computer (80's-90's) , which was closest to our room after that.

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    My signature say it all. Never had the opportunity to stay at a value.

    Stayed at:
    Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness Cabins (and in a tent once YUCK),Animal Kingdom Lodge, Yacht Club, Beach Club, Boardwalk, Caribbean, Port Orleans (both), Coronado Springs, Dolphin, Most of the Hotel Row, Many other off-site.

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