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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Where have you stayed in the Vacation Planning forums; all together... Poly BC,,,YC,,, BW,,,AKL,,CS,,POFQ...POR...CB,,,ALLSTAR.. Miss those Cast member discounts!!...
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    Aug 2006
    Red Sox and Patriot country


    all together... Poly BC,,,YC,,, BW,,,AKL,,CS,,POFQ...POR...CB,,,ALLSTAR..
    Miss those Cast member discounts!!

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    Jul 2006

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    Oct 2005
    Erie IL USA
    All Star Music 2004
    Grand Floridian May 02 Graduation present from mi madre/my mom
    Port Orleans (French Quarter & Riverside)x2 2001 & 2003
    can't remember where we stayed in 04 & 05 no trip this yr, Disneyland next summer w/friends

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    I have always stayed at one of the All Star resorts and it has been perfect! I now have a 2 year old and we stayed at the Boardwalk in Sept/06. We hardly had to get on a bus which meant that we were able to bring our big cushy stroller which made it even easier at the parks. We were able to walk to Epcot, take a water taxi to MGM and the monorail from epcot to MK. Not having to wait in bus lines were nice. I am not sure if the extra cost warrants the convenience, but it was nice.

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    I've stayed at The Grand Floridian, Coronado Springs, The Animal Kingdom Lodge, The Wilderness Lodge, The Polynesian, The Yacht Club, and The Port Orleans French Quarter.
    Love, Kerri

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    I've stayed at Coronado Springs, Double Tree and Caribbean Beach, which my girlfriend and I are going to the Caribbean Beach when we go in February. Hopefully next time we go we can stay at Port Orleans French Quarter, or (budget willing) the Wilderness Lodge.

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    Nov 2006
    Lehighton Pa
    Port Orleans FQ

    First Trip- Jan. 07, POFQ
    Second Trip- May 08, Pop Century

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    England - too far away!
    All Star Movies, Coronado Springs, and will stay at Port Orleans French Quarter this year. My dream is to stay at the Grand Floridian!

    1981 - Offsite
    1983 - Offsite
    1987 - Offsite
    1990 - Offsite
    1993 - Offsite
    2002 - All Star Movies
    2006 - Coronado Springs
    2007 - Port Orleans French Quarter
    2013 - Port Orleans French Quarter
    2014 - Whole family trip! (Thanks Dad!)
    2015 - Three trips in a row?? Fingers crossed

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    The Laughin Place
    I've stayed at Riverside (which everyove loved!), POP (very fun), AS Sports (we stayed in the basketball section which I thought was awesome because I'm a bball player), and CBR (actually our least fav.).
    This December we hope to experience AKL and POFQ!!

    When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.
    -Walt Disney

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    Feb 2007
    885 miles from the magic
    wilderness lodge and the wl villas - since 1995, over 20 times, and counting
    love love love that spot of magic on the map

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    Bear, Delaware
    We have stayed mostly in the moderates. Just seems to fit us, without spending to much on the rooms. We also have to have a food court to get moving fast in the mornings. We usually fly so its not as easy ( or its to much trouble for us to bring food), lol. We stayed in the contemporary in 1994 for our longest trip ever to WDW. That was back when there was a magic kingdom club and we had booked Caribbean Beach for 13 nights because we were driving and really wanted to have a good long visit. They called us about two months before our trip and wanted to bump us up because they needed our room in CB for a convention. We stayed 13 nights on the 7th floor of the tower overlooking the magic kingdom. It was great . It was late June thru July 7th, the magic kingdom was open until 2am on the 4th. We could here the train whistle late at night. It was really cool but with a seven year old we didn't make very many late late nights. I wish I could do that trip again, especially at 1994 prices .
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    "I just want it to look like nothing else in the world... and it should be surrounded by a train" -Walt Disney.
    90 CB, 92 DI, 94 CR, 97 FWC, 99 CS, 00 CS, 02 CS, 04 POR, 05 POR, 07 POR, 08 POFQ, 09 POR, 11 POR.

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    Western NY
    I stayed offsite everytime I came with my family as a kid. My sis and I took our 1st grown-up vacation [to Disney World - very grown-up!] in '92 and stayed at Dixie Landings. Loved it - best vacation ever!!! My hubby and I stayed at the Dolphin on our honeymoon. It was nice for a honeymoon but I much preferred DL. That's why when we took our 3 kids last February we stayed at Riverside [former Dixie Landings]. We had a fabulous time but are looking at staying at FQ next Feb. My husband wanted to try CBR but I REALLY love the boat to Downtown Disney!

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    Lancaster - NW England
    Coming over from the UK. we've always stayed 'off site'.

    Although, last October we stayed at the Beuna Vista Palace at DTD and in 2008, we'll be staying at the Dolphin!!

    "Most of my life I have done what I wanted to do. I have had fun on the job.
    I have never been able to confine that fun to office hours." ~ Walt Disney

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    Juarez, MX
    I have stayed at Coronado Springs in 2001 and Caribbean Beach in 2006
    Can't wait to go back !!!
    First WDW trip June, 1996 - Lots of Disneyland trips in between -Last WDW trip December, 2006
    WDW College Program Alumni - Fall 2001
    Hello to all Disney fans !!!

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    Hoosier State
    I stayed at CS but I don't remember where I stayed when I was little.
    Adam ~ A Proud D23 Charter Member!

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