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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Where have you stayed in the Vacation Planning forums; I've stayed at the allstar music and sports resorts....
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    Jan 2007
    Culleoka, TN
    I've stayed at the allstar music and sports resorts.

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    Jun 2004
    We just added OKW to places we stayed.

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    May 2004
    Boston,SSR, AKLV, Will's ship, Balian's castle
    Wow! I voted in this thread so long ago! I hadn't even had my 1st DVC stay at the time....I have added SSR & OKW to my lists of places I've stayed

    I got engaged @ WDW 1/24/10

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    Jul 2007
    Wareham, Dorset United Kingdom
    Have stayed at POR which I thought was absolutely fantastic and am staying at AKL later this year
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    Jan 2007
    Monument, Colorado
    The Dolphin, but I'm adding Contemporary in November (yay).
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    Apr 2006
    2000 Dixie Landings
    2001 Port Orleans Riverside (yeah i know they are the same place but the mugs say they're differnt !
    2002 POR
    2003 Caribean Beach (twice)
    2004 Pop Century
    2004 POR
    2005 Saratoga Springs
    2006 Villas at Wilderness Lodge
    2006 Old Key West
    2007 Old Key West
    2007 (in 104 Days) POR

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    Oct 2006
    Dreaming of warmer temperatures
    I haven't stayed on property yet, but I'm staying at Pop Century in 92 days!

    *2006 Off site*2007 Pop*2008 Off site*2009 Pop/POR*2010 June Pop*Oct Pop*Dec Pop*2011 Dec CB Pirate Room*2012 Nov Disney Dream*Dec Pop*2013 Feb Pop*March The Swan*​Dec Pop*2014 Oct Disney Fantasy

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    Sep 2007
    Scurrying back to my closet before Debs catches me!!
    We have stayed at all star movies twice but have decided to stay at Port Orleans next time!! Has anyone stayed there and is it nice??

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    Sep 2007
    Contemporary when I was 13 (1979). Vague recollections of a very cool arcade, riding the monorail & the mural.

    1993 & 1994 (off site at a friend's apartment - doesn't count)
    2001 - All Star Sports.
    2006 - Coronado Springs
    2007 - Pop Century

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    Oct 2006
    Orlando, FL
    All more than once but still never stayed at Boardwalk or the camp grounds... :0( Someday I will get around to completing all the resorts lol

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    Sep 2007
    Last time I was there I stayed off Property, I thought that a suite for the price a normal Disney room was worth it, unfortuantely I was wrong, the time it took to get to and from the parks along with the cost of the Cab was extremely time consuming and expensive. We stayed at the Lake Suites Hotel, which I believe they are tearing down, it was a decent layout for the room, however just seems impossible to stay off property and get the full experience. At Disneyland you can stay off prop and have a great time thanks to the trolley.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarynkelly View Post
    We have stayed at all star movies twice but have decided to stay at Port Orleans next time!! Has anyone stayed there and is it nice??
    Last year we stayed at PO-French Quarter. It was great. It is fairly compact and the pool is neat. Just walking down the brick "streets" to your room adds to the whole experience. You can take a boat to Downtown or over to Riverside. We never did go to Riverside though. You will love it.

    We are staying at the Boardwalk in February. I am hoping it is going to be worth the money. Anybody?
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    Aug 2007
    We've stayed at a total of six resorts (Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter, All-Star Music, Caribbean Beach, Wilderness Campground, and Animal Kingdom Lodge). My favorite was Port Orleans French Quarter. I love the theme and jazz-like feeling of the area. I also really enjoyed Animal Kingdom lodge. It was amazing, being able to wake up and see African animals roaming around! Everything was festive and upbeat! All of the hotels were magical, but these two were deffinatly my favorite!

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    Oct 2007
    I've stayed at Caribbean Beach (that's how they got me hooked on Disney resorts) and then when we booked our second stay we received a truly "magical" upgrade at check-in and off we were to the Beach Club at the same price! I kept pinching myself as I walked from my room to Epcot in about a minute.

    I was a bit worried cuz now we were well and truly spoiled and couldn't imagine staying off property when I got lucky and found out about the nurse/teacher discount at the Swan/Dolphin - now I can stay (almost) on property every time! We've pretty much being going there ever since as Epcot is my favorite park and I love the Boardwalk area.

    Next stop Annual Pass Discounts so I can experience the Seven Seas Lagoon!

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    Jul 2006
    Suburbia Houston
    My one complaint about POFQ

    Can't they get better towels and t.p.?

    I would have thought there would have been nicer towels and something more than a 1 ply t.p.

    I LOVED that they had ceiling fans though. Overall I really enjoyed our stay. I just wished for softer(and bigger) towels.

    I hope they have nicer in the deluxe resorts.....I would not be a happy camper if I was staying in the GF and had the towels we had.

    (p.s.I know I'm strange)
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