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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Pools in December in the Vacation Planning forums; Hello, we will be staying at Port Orleans Riverside from Nov. 29th-December 6th. My question is will it be too cool to swim? Will the pools be open? Are the ...
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    Pools in December

    Hello, we will be staying at Port Orleans Riverside from Nov. 29th-December 6th. My question is will it be too cool to swim? Will the pools be open? Are the pools heated (I've heard this but don't know if it's true!)
    Amy W

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    Re: Pools in December

    We went last Christmas and the kids enjoyed the pool. It is heated. Luckily we had good weather so the walk back to the room wasn't so bad.

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    Re: Pools in December

    We have done Nov. Dec. Jan. and Feb. We always manage to swim.
    At night we pull on sweats for the walk back. At Port Orleans almost every building is close to the pool unlike Riverside. At either we hit the hot tub before going back to the room. PO is especially nice.
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    Re: Pools in December

    If it's anything like it was in October, you won't want to get out of the pools at night because when the air hits you you'll freeze. It'd be warm at night when I was there in early Oct, and the pool would feel almost like a bath (this was at POP) when you walked in, and you could literally walk in, you didn't have to get used to the water. But when it came time to get out, the air felt much colder than the warm pool. I'm sure it'll be the same way in December. My suggestion is bring a beach towel of your own to wrap up in or a sweatshirt or hoodie you don't mind getting wet, just to keep the chill off on the way back to the room. The towels at POP didn't do much as far as being able to wrap up and and keep warm on the walk back to the room.

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    Re: Pools in December

    In 08 my family stayed at Riverside from December 5-14. I don't know if we ever made it into the pool, but we used the hot tub every single night. It was definitely warm enough to swim though if we would have liked.

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