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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Polynesian First Timer in the Vacation Planning forums; Hi Tim, I don't know what your family situation is (how many and all of that), but I think it's hard to go wrong at the Polynesian. The rooms are ...
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    Re: Polynesian First Timer

    Hi Tim,
    I don't know what your family situation is (how many and all of that), but I think it's hard to go wrong at the Polynesian. The rooms are big--not suites, but big, the terraces and porches are great. We requested a first floor room so we could just walk right out onto our little patio. So far I've liked Fiji the best. We had a 3rd floor room on the GF side of Fiji and it was GORGEOUS. Like a LV room without paying for it. We could hear the luau music (sometimes a little too loudly b/c we had a baby) but the ambiance was just amazing. Tiki torches at night, raking the sand on the beach in the mornings, watching the monorail glide by. A big plus at the Poly is that it is so convenient to Epcot and MK. For Epcot you can walk to the TTC or take the monorail. For MK, you have the option of taking the launch, taking the monorail, or I suppose walking to the TTC and taking the ferry. It's got to be just about one of the most convenient locations on property, not to mention one of the prettiest. It's worth what you're overpaying!
    PS: I forgot to mention that the fridges are pretty big too, so we got a ton of groceries. Yogurt, cereal, OJ, sandwich fixings, bagels, snack foods. And secretly--SHHHHH--we smuggled in a cheap toaster oven, which we used to toast bagels and things.

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    Poly Stay

    Sorry to be going back to an old thread - but wanted to add this info. in case someone would find it useful.

    DH & I just got back from 4 nights/5 days at the Poly.
    We had a 2nd floor garden view in the Rapa Nui building. Our room did have a balcony, but some rooms don't. And realistically the first floor rooms are a patio more than a balcony.

    The Poly grounds, while large, were easy enough to get around. We got the lay of the land down after about 1 afternoon. I would say nothing is more than a 5 to 10 minute walk. Longest walk we had was maybe 10 minutes over to the TTC.

    The room was okay - I really liked the spaciousness of the room & the balcony. For 2 of us it was great - you could probably survive w/5 people in a room for several days. They left us fresh coffee + a few extras every day so we had our morning coffee in the room. It is a 2 cup pot, so more than 2 adults & plan to be making 2 pots. There was a 'fridge but we didn't use that. The room also had a safe.

    Some things in the room were very new - flat screen TV, I-pod/radio/alarm clock and lighted closets. However, other things were showing their age. The hair dryer had seen better days, the sink handles came off, the clothes line in the tub pulled out but we had to fight to get it to go back in and in general things just looked/felt worn. As DH put it, the poor gal just seemed to be showing her age.

    The pool is nice. We had no problem finding seats on the beach & even lucked out w/getting one of the shade clams they have out there. Towels were provided at the pool & you could take 2 or 3 if you needed. The water was a comfortable temperature. I think I saw a kids slide too. The pool bar is very convenient, and has room charging so you don't have to carry any cash to the beach w/you. Just be aware, you are not allowed drinks in/near the pool. During the afternoon they had little games going on and music playing. If you want to have a quiet afternoon, don't go to the volcano pool (there were quiet pools around too, but they had no bar near by). For DH & I it was a nice way to kill a couple hours before our supper ADR. I imagine if you had kids they would love it - I know my nieces & newphews would.

    There is quick service & sit down along w/a lounge at the Poly. The food was fine - standard WDW fare. Nothing stellar, but not bad either. I'd have no qualms w/eating there again, but wouldn't go out of my way to get there either. The one big plus to 'Ohana is the fireworks view during supper. You can watch the MK fireworks from the dining room. The lounge was okay - I was frustrated that we never got a lapu lapu - seemed they never had coconuts when we wanted to order them. They do make a mean mai tai however!

    DH dubbed the face on the glass the tiki god of hangovers. I'd say he was spot on w/that one!

    In summary, if we had the chance to stay here again I wouldn't be opposed to it, but it wouldn't be my first choice either. DH & I both agreed we liked AKL & Boardwalk better. But if you are thinking Poly, I thnk you'll find it a satisfactory resort.

    A few other pictures...

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