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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Is Deluxe worth the extra $$ in the Vacation Planning forums; I have been planning our next WDW vacation, but I can't seem to make up my mind. Everytime I have gone to WDW I have only stayed in the All-Star ...
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    Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    I have been planning our next WDW vacation, but I can't seem to make up my mind. Everytime I have gone to WDW I have only stayed in the All-Star resorts. I am currently looking at moderate resorts and deluxe resorts. The Coronado Springs resort looks like it has nice rooms and a big pool for a reasonable price. The deluxe resorts are more expensive, but it seems they are similar to the moderates. I have narrowed it down to three deluxe resorts ( Boardwalk, FT. Wilderness, and Yacht Club) and two moderates (Coranado Springs and POFQ). So the question is what makes the deluxe resorts that much better or "more expensive"? Better (ambience,beds,service,etc.)? Is it worth the extra $$ for the resorts?? Thank you!

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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    This is a tough one!! I am all for getting and staying there the cheapest way possible! I usually stay at the Pop Century when I go down for a quickie trip.

    My most recent trip, I stayed at the French Quarter (I hadn't stayed there in over 15 years!) I forgot how nice it was!! I really enjoyed my stay there. It is such a nice size, and never felt crowded. I loved walking through the little courtyards and manicured hedges, or by the river to go get my coffee in the morning. It has become my favorite moderate resort!!

    That being said..... I love, love, LOVE the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts!!!! The pool is so fantastic! I love the decor of the two resorts & being able to walk right into Epcot. I even like the walk to Hollywood Studios from there!

    If I could afford it, I would stay in a Deluxe every visit - but since I try to get down there about 4 times a year, that is not really possible!

    I am all for splurging every now and then! I say go for it!!!
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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    I've been fortunate enough to take my family on an annual WDW vacation for the last few years. We've stayed @ several of the deluxe resorts and a couple moderates and had a great time regardless of our accomodations. The main thing I have noticed in favor of the deluxe resorts are their locations and convienient transportation options. AKL was a bit isolated, but the theme of the resort made up for that. To be able to jump on a monorail, boat or even walk to a park or back to your room saves so much time and allows you to pop in and out of your resort and be a little more spontaneous.

    Themeing, resort ammenities and dining options aside, I do feel that it is worth the extra money for the deluxe resorts.

    Enjoy your trip!!!

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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    Unless you're going to be upgrading to Concierge Level where you can truly enjoy the perks, it might not be worth the extra money. They're usually more because of the proximity to the parks. Maybe some nicer furniture. But if you're going to be out and about every day, then why pay more? Remember that there are families paying $40 a night off property and still enjoying their time at Disney.
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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    I think it really depends on how you vacation. If you are in the parks from sun up to sun down and don't give yourself a day of rest then I would stick with the value resorts but if you take things more leisurely and plan on spending time at the resort (pool, activities etc) or if you like having the dining options available then go for the moderate or deluxe. I stayed at POR last visit and loved it. Beautiful grounds to walk around, really good food court and they even have a fishing hole. They also have the boat to DTD which is a beautiful ride and they have a nighttime carriage ride (at least it was only night time when we were there). Also Yee-haw Bob is in the lounge for entertainment. The Boardwalk, Fort Wilderness and the Yacht Club all have their special ammenities as well, the question is "do you plan on using them"? The big bonus with the Boardwalk and the Yacht Club is that you can walk or take the boat to Epcot and MGM. You may also want to check out Wilderness Lodge, it's a deluxe with more reasonable prices and the themeing can't be beat. Just an added note, I have never been to Coronodo Springs but I believe that is the only moderate resort that has queen size beds (although, I would double check that) so if bed size is an issue that is something to consider.
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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    Thank you for your replys they really helped!!

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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    The Deluxe resorts are in really no way similar to the moderates, in my opinion.

    The deluxe resorts definitely have better ambience than the moderates, and certainly the value resorts. Rooms are bigger, the rooms are accessed by an indoor corridor rather than an outdoor hallway (safer if your a woman traveling alone), and they're generally located closer to the parks than moderates and values. Many of them also have more than one mode of transportation. (For example, Wilderness Lodge offers boat and bus transportation, whereas value resorts only offer bus transportation). I'm not sure if the beds are bigger in deluxe resorts, but I think they may be, or at least you have the option for a larger bed.

    Service can probably vary from class to class as far as resort goes, but we've probably had the best service while staying deluxe.

    Deluxe resorts also have more amenities. Lets face it.... Stormalong Bay is way better than the pools at any of the values or moderates. Many Deluxe resorts will also have water rentals, bike rentals, ect. Many offer nighttime movies out on the beach or other activities. Some resorts even have activities that no other resort has (the Polynesian has hula dancing lessons and a torch lighting ceremony, Grand Floridian has a tea, Fort Wilderness has duck races and easy access to all the Campground's activities, AKL has viewing of animals and African folk storytellers at night, ect.)

    I personally prefer the deluxe resorts. If you can afford it, I really would at least try one of them, especially if you want a "down day" of just relaxing away from the parks to enjoy your hotel.

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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    Well. Thats a good question.
    IMHO, No.
    We have stayed at the W.L. and C.R.
    For the money and all things being choose a moderate or a value.
    I.E. CSR is very very nice. To go deluxe, one has to spend almost 50-100 more per night (at a minimum) and i just dont see the need.
    After all, they all do look alike when the lights are out.
    We almost always stay at a value for that reason.
    Can i afford a deluxe? yes.
    Do i feel the need to stay at one more often? No
    We enjoyed our 2 stays at deluxes..but honestly, our stays at POFQ,CSR and the many times at All Star Music..we had just as good of a qualty stay.

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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    If you are planning on taking advantage of the deluxe resorts offerings- pool time, restaurants & bars, extra activities i.e. park rangers at Animal Kingdom - movies on the beach at Yacht/Beach Club- Deluxe resorts are worth the higher prices. Their location to the parks make for an easy vacation.

    If you are intending on spending the majority of time in the parks/waterparks Moderates and Value are a great price.

    All Disney resorts have magic!
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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    We had always stayed at the values, but last trip with the buy four get three, we had taken advantage and stayed at the POFQ. We loved it and we felt like we were in a deluxe! It was very quaint and quiet. Even the table service restaurant was quiet. The CM's hand out beads to the kids everyday and one evening, they had them decorate their own cookies. They dressed them up like little chefs and took them to a table to decorate. I will have a hard time going back to a value for the next trip!

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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    I suggest you to stay at POP century resort. We have stayed there several times and had not any trouble. We were really satisfied, the atmosphere really perfect and services were also good. It was really pleasurable resort; the charges were reasonable and hope you will really love it.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    I realize I will be "flamed" for this.

    But are the "Deluxes" worth the price? IMHO NO! They are basically dressed up three star hotels. They sadly don't measure up to any definition of "Deluxe" used in the hotel industry besides Disney's (which consists of "it looks pretty, but has sub par service and features")

    Having been lucky enough to get to stay in true deluxe hotels, Disney should be ashamed. And I know folks will say "but it's Disney so I am willing to pay more for less" hmm.. isn't that the exact opposite of the Disney way. "Expect less" If I want to "expect less" I can go to Six Flags near my home.

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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    My last visit to WDW we stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort. One of the things that really struck me was the whole process of sitting at a bus stop anxiously waiting for the bus to our destination. The experience soured me on the moderates as I felt like we were losing a lot of precious time just waiting and then having to deal with the bus stopping at each of the hotel's stops. I live right outside of NYC in NJ and bus transportation just reminds me too much of home. On vacation, i'd rather feel like i'm insulated from the real world.

    We just booked Yacht and Beach Club largely for location. Now we can take a quick stroll and be at EPCOT, or a moderate stroll or boat ride to the Studios. Heck, we can even take that walk to EPCOT and hop on a monorail to MK. Will we spend a lot of time in our hotel? No, absolutely not. But we certainly will enjoy the pool and aesthetic appeal. And all the time that we won't be losing waiting on busses will allow us to move at a better pace and maximize our vacation. I can also plan dinners for a lot of EPCOT countries and not have to take too much time hopping to other resorts.

    That said, I'm only going as a couple and we're splurging a little since it may be our last trip before starting a family. I could imagine once we're a larger family unit, we'll be forced to go deluxe or moderate.

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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    There is just the two of us and since we only visit every few years and travel across the pond to get to WDW, we love going 'Deluxe'!

    Now, if we were able to have kids, I think that would be a different ball game!

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    Re: Is Deluxe worth the extra $$

    Yes, IMO it is definitely worth it. But for us we don't go every year. We go every couple and stay deluxe. I agree that the deluxe resorts are really not comparable to the value or even moderates. To save a little money, I'd recommend staying at AKL or WL--they're less than, say, the GF or Polynesian (even though Polynesian is my favorite!). I think there's a distinct possibility that you will spend more time at a resort that you love, particularly if it is as accessible as, say, the Polynesian and long bus rides and parking are not involved.

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