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    Where Should We Stay?

    We are looking on spending a few days over at WDW in June or July. We're trying to figure out where we want to stay.

    We're primarily going over to see the new Summer Nightastic fireworks, the Electrical Light Parade, and Captain EO coming back, so we're looking for a resort that has good transportation to both these parks. We'll have a car, but we don't like driving around on property. We will also be on a budget and are looking to get a bargain. We'll be booking under the 30-40% AP discount, and will probably be having a breakfast, and possibly lunch brought from home, and only eating out at dinner. We'd prefer not to stay at a value resort. Since we're FL natives, we go over often, and are planning to spend most of our time at the hotel, and likely only spend the one night at MK and then the next morning over at Epcot, maybe having a day where we're just staying at the hotel, so we're also looking for a hotel that has lots of stuff for us to do.

    So, in summery, what we're looking for in our resort is:
    • A resort that has quick transportation to MK and Epcot
    • A cheaper hotel, though we don't want to stay value, we are already getting a discount
    • Activities that we can do around the resort, especially if they're free

    I'm leaning towards the Wilderness Cabins, despite the horrible bus system, because its cheaper and we'll be able to bring breakfasts/lunches with us and stick it in the fridge; it also has lots of free entertainment. My Mom though, is leaning towards the Polynesian because when we stayed before I had a broken ankle and couldn't do anything. Transportation there is better and there's plenty of activities. I'm not sure though since we won't be able to store as much food since the fridge will be smaller (which probably means peanut butter sandwiches for lunch - vs something like grilled hot dogs), and it is more expensive, though we're really not THAT strapped for money... we're just looking at saving some for a trip in December too.

    Just curious what your suggestions are for a resort. These are the two we're most strongly considering, but we're open to pretty much any resort that fits the criteria we're looking for. Send some suggestions our way.

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    Re: Where Should We Stay?

    It looks like the cabins would be your best bet if you are wanting to use the fridge and kitchen. I personally love Wilderness Lodge. Transportation was excellent and there were several choices- similar to the Cabins. One thing to think about with the cabins is the longer walks back to your room- that may be a possibility. You can ride bikes and the beach area is very nice. It is a bit cheaper than the Poly.

    Sounds like a fun trip! I am always ready to go back!

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    Re: Where Should We Stay?

    Definitely any of the villas would be a good choice since you want to bring food with you...I'd recommend the Boardwalk or Beach Club because they are in walking distance to EPCOT and just a bus ride away from MK...there are also tons of things to do on the Boardwalk at night, and many restaurants to choose from. You are also just a boat ride away from Swan & Dolphin.
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    Re: Where Should We Stay?

    If you are working on a budget, we really like the Port Orleans resorts. French Quarter is quieter, but Riverside is also great. They have a fridge and are the closest moderates to te parks you want to visit. If you want deluxe, we LOVE Wilderness Lodge. Quick boat ride to the Magic Kingdom and the bus isn't too bad getting to Epcot. The peace and ambiance makes this one of our all time favorites.
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    Re: Where Should We Stay?

    I think the cabins are your best bet for price, but POR would also be nice, but not as close to the parks.

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    Re: Where Should We Stay?

    All my favorite attractions come back during this period and we are really glad that we’ll be there soon. There are huge options and I think Boardwalk is one of best options for stay. It has great amenities, attractive location and everything do you want.

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    Re: Where Should We Stay?

    I would say port orleans riverside, because it's close to everything and it has a good price! Plus, they have an AWESOME FOOD QOURT!!!! There is sooo much to do like horse and buggy rides, boats, the pool, arcade, and your only a boat ride away from downtown! On the downside.... you have to walk EVERYWHERE! Even to the lobby! it's set up like houses with a wrap around balcony with no hallway, so your room would be on the balcony. TO get to the llobby you have to walk through a long walkway and around the whole resort! Even with the walking, it's still an awesome resort to stay at!
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    Re: Where Should We Stay?

    Personally, I would choose to stay at the Boardwalk, if you're willing to pay a little more money for a Deluxe or DVC room. The fact that its in walking distance to Epcot is always a selling point for our family (it's our Home resort for DVC) and the bus ride to MK is pretty short. The only downside is that it shares a bus stop with Yacht and Beach, so on your way back from the parks, you are the last stop. But, on the other hand, you go right to the parks when you get picked up from the resort, no stops in between. Personally, this is my favorite resort, and I ALWAYS recommend it!
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    Re: Where Should We Stay?

    Thanks everyone. We booked the camping cabins at Fort Wilderness.

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    Re: Where Should We Stay?

    Please let us know what you think. I'm considering it also.

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