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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Port Orleans Mangolian Bend in the Vacation Planning forums; We're going to stay at Riverside for my 18th birthday with my mom and best friend. What would be the best manor to stay at? We were looking at Oak ...
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    Port Orleans Mangolian Bend

    We're going to stay at Riverside for my 18th birthday with my mom and best friend. What would be the best manor to stay at? We were looking at Oak Manor but we wanted to know what everyone thought.


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    Re: Port Orleans Mangolian Bend

    Magnolia Bend is nice but the walks to the bus stop from some of the rooms is ok in the morning but can feel like 10 miles at the end of the day. Our favorite place at POR to stay is alligator bayou building 14 or 18. They are close to the food court and pool but still are quiet.

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    Re: Port Orleans Mangolian Bend

    We've stayed in Magnolia Bend all 5 times we have stayed at POR. Sometimes pretty far from the food court and main bus stop, but we never minded the walk because the views and theming made up for the distance. We don't have any little ones so keep that in mind. One of our best rooms was so far away it was almost closer to POFQ and we actually took the bus sometimes to FQ because the line was so much shorter at park closings.
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    Re: Port Orleans Mangolian Bend

    I have stayed at POR since it opened as Dixie Landings. I have been happy with whatever building we have been in on the Mansion side.
    We have also stayed in the Alligator area several times. They are not my type of theming but my kids loved them. A tad to rough rustic for my taste. I find the back end bus depots very convenient for night drop offs and walkable.

    My caution is: Those back Mansion drop offs are very secluded and many bushes. When my DD and I did a trip alone without the guys we got off the bus at the main stop and walked back to our room from the front during the extended hours. 2am was a bit to creepity to chance coming in from the back lots.

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    Re: Port Orleans Mangolian Bend

    Port Orleans French Quarter is an ideal place to stay. We stayed there several times and believe that POFQ much better than POMB because it is a reasonably price hotel with excellent condition, spotless rooms and very comfortable.

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    Re: Port Orleans Mangolian Bend

    Here is a link to a map of the Port Orleans property so you can get an idea of the layout........
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