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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Top Resort Choice in the Vacation Planning forums; Here's an update on what we all think so far. Value: All Stars 3, POFQ 2, Pop 6, WL, CSR, AKL so POP is winning so far Theme: WL 5, ...
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    Re: Top Resort Choice

    Here's an update on what we all think so far.

    Value: All Stars 3, POFQ 2, Pop 6, WL, CSR, AKL so POP is winning so far
    Theme: WL 5, Poly 3, AKL 4, so WL is winning so far
    Romance: Poly 8, Port Orleans 2, WL 2, BC, CSR, GF, so Poly is winning so far

    Pool: WL, ALK, Y&BC 9, CSR, POR, so Yacht and Beach Club is winning so far

    Bringing a Baby: Contemporary 8, BC, GF 2, Poly 2, POFQ, All Star, so Contemporary is winning so far

    Young Kids: POFQ, Contemporary 2, Pop 3, FW, BC, CBR, All Stars 4, so All Stars is winning so far

    Preteens: CBR 2, BC 2, WL, FW, BW, AS, Pop 2, CSR, SS, AKL, PO, so we have a big tie and think preteens like anything

    Teens: CBR 2, BW 5, BC 5, CSR, YC 2, so Boardwalk and Beach Club are in a tie. Guess you better have bucks to bring a teen!

    Food Court: WL 2, CSR 4, Pop 2, POFQ 2, POR 2, Poly, AS, so CSR is winning, which I must admit that I am confused about because it seemed pricier to me, then with the grat also and the whole ticket thing, it was confusing. On the dining plan, it is certainly a good deal, but can anyone explain the appeal otherwise???

    All Close Food Options: BW 5, SS, BC 5, YC 3, All Stars, Contemp, Poly, GF, so Boardwalk and Beach Club are tied for now.

    Interesting to see the results so far! Feel free to add your list, and in a few days, we will declare the winners.

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    Re: Top Resort Choice

    1. Value- All-Star Movies
    2. Theme- Wilderness Lodge
    3. Romance- Wilderness Lodge
    4. Pool- Swan/Dolphin
    5. Bringing a baby- Is there a difference?
    6. Young kids- Polynesian (who doesn't want to be at the Neverland Club?)
    7. Preteens- Pop Century
    8. Teens- Yacht / Beach
    9. Food Court- Pop Century
    10. All close food options- Boardwalk
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    Re: Top Resort Choice

    1. Value - Pop Century
    2. Theme - Wilderness Lodge
    3. Romance - Polynesian
    4. Pool- Yacht/Beach Club
    5. Bringing a baby - Contemporary
    6. Young kids- Caribbean Beach (Pirate-themed rooms)
    7. Preteens- Coronado Springs
    8. Teens- Boardwalk
    9. Food Court - Pop Century
    10. All close food options - Grand Floridian/Contemporary/Polynesian
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    Re: Top Resort Choice

    1. Value-Umm.. at Disney pricing LOL!
    2. Theme- All Star Movies
    3. Romance- AK (but I would rather stay at the Ritz or Waldorf for my romance)
    4. Pool-Yatch Club/Beach Club
    5. Bringing a baby- no idea
    6. Young kids-All Star Movies
    7. Preteens-Not a clue, do they like anything (Just kidding)
    8. Teens- Probably Epcot resort area so they have easy transport options to escape the parents
    9. Food Court- Saratoga Springs, not really a food court, but the food's good!
    10. All close food options-Saratoga Springs. (Sorry Disney, but your food is not cutting it anymore. My favorite resturants are DTD which are the one's NOT run by Disney)

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    Re: Top Resort Choice

    1. Value- All-Star Music (cause its the only value ive been too)
    2. Theme- Wilderness Lodge
    3. Romance- Polynesian
    4. Pool- Polynesian
    5. Bringing a baby- What exactly does the baby know...(any Value they wont remember)
    6. Young kids- Polynesian (i agree with Supernova about the Neverland Club)
    7. Preteens- Pop/ Movies
    8. Teens- Boardwalk
    9. Food Court- Music (ive been there)
    10. All close food options- Boardwalk (come on its the boardwalk of course theres alot of food)
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    Re: Top Resort Choice

    1. Value- Pop Century
    2. Theme- Pop Century - Giant Mickey Phones and Big wheels C;mon the place is magnificently themed.
    3. Romance- Wilderness Lodge /Polynesian
    4. Pool-Port Orleans French Quarter
    5. Bringing a baby-No idea
    6. Young kids-Pop Century
    7. Preteens-Any7 MK resort
    8. Teens- Port Orleans Riverside or FQ boat to down town teens love that
    9. Food Court-BoardWalk
    10. All close food options-Boardwalk just wander over to EPCOT best food at Disney

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    Re: Top Resort Choice

    1. Value- I like moderates so give me the CBR
    2. Theme-the Polynesian, hands down
    3. Romance-back to the Poly
    4. Pool-Kidani
    5. Bringing a baby-gonna say Poly for the monorail
    6. Young kids-Poly again
    7. Preteens-Boardwalk
    8. Teens-Boardwalk
    9. Food Court-CBR
    10. All close food options-the Poly

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    Re: Top Resort Choice

    1. Value- The value resorts really do offer a great value - especially when you consider how little time most folks actually spend in their rooms vs. elsewhere on property.
    2. Theme- I love the theming of the value resorts however in general I think the Poly and Wilderness Lodge have them beat.
    3. Romance- Grand Floridian no doubt.
    4. Pool- I love the Pirate pool at Caribbean Beach and the pool that the river feeds into at Wilderness Lodge.
    5. Bringing a baby- We started bringing DS when he was 10 months and we always chose ASMo. The larger than life figures had him in awe. If you're less looking for what they will like and more looking for convenience, chose a resort on the monorail line.
    6. Young kids- Ditto to baby.
    7. Preteens- Girls: Grand Floridian - Boys: Wilderness Lodge
    8. Teens- This REALLY depends on what they are into. If they are into sports, All Star Sports would be good. If they love pirates, Caribbean Resort would be fun. If they love camping, the campground. If they are in that "I'm too cool for Disney" phase and feel like they were forced to come along because of a younger sibling or their parents, chose a resort that's not too "Disney" like the Grand Floridian or the Contemporary. Etc. Etc.
    9. Food Court- We love love love the food courts at the value resorts. Your instinct is to think it's all hamburgers and pizza but they have some amazing dishes that are mind bogglingly good!
    10. All close food options- You're never too far from food on property but obviously there are some resorts with more choices. The values have the food courts and that's it. The moderates usually have a food court and a sit down restaurant. The deluxe resorts will always have more options. Me personally, my vote is the Poly on this one. They have a TON of options for every meal or snack you could want.
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    Re: Top Resort Choice

    1. Value-CSR (queen beds alone make it worth the money)
    2. Theme-AKL, WL, CSR
    3. Romance-CSR, POR
    4. Pool-Y&BC, CSR
    5. Bringing a baby-POFQ, Cont, Poly, GF
    6. Young kids-POFQ, CBR, AKL
    7. Preteens-CSR
    8. Teens-CSR
    9. Food Court-CSR (if on the DDP)
    10. All close food options-Cont, Y&CB, BW

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