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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Villa for family of 5? in the Vacation Planning forums; Hi Everyone, I am fairly new to the forums here at WDW Radio, although I've been a registered member for quite a while now. I simply don't seem to have ...
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    Question Villa for family of 5?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am fairly new to the forums here at WDW Radio, although I've been a registered member for quite a while now. I simply don't seem to have as much time for this sort of thing as I used to. (By the finish of this post, I will have been interrupted no fewer than 7 times.) I do faithfully listen to WDW Radio to and from work, however, and subscribe to Celebrations. Actually, I went to high school with one of the columnists.

    To introduce myself, I am 34 years old and I have two boys. They will be 5 and 7 this Aug. 29th and 30th. I am pregnant with #3 now! I am an adjunct at the local college and coach gymnastics. I'm also very involved with my church.

    My younger boy is on the Autistic spectrum. For that and other reasons (as in, we love the place) we have stayed at the Polynesian in the past. For sure, this is our favorite resort.

    However, we just returned from a little weekend trip during which we spent 2 nights in a very similarly sized room and found it a little tight, not to mention sort of annoying to wait for the kids to fall asleep. Maybe as the kids are getting older, it's feeling tighter?

    Anyway, I've felt that with a third, and in a a year's time, it'll only feel smaller. I HOPE to go again in Sept/Oct or Dec. of 2011 (or 2012), finances depending. I'm considering, sadly, staying at a villa somewhere on property instead of the Polynesian, or perhaps staying at the Poly for only 2 nights at the end of our stay just because we love it there. Another benefit of the Villas is that you can save some money on food. That can really add up. (Although last trip I did smuggle a toaster oven into the our room at the Poly... )

    Just got off the phone with Disney, just to clarify that when they say a 1-BR villa sleeps 4, that does NOT include a baby in a crib. Because we prefer to have monorail and boat access, we like the MK monorail resorts, which means BLT. Our last stay back in Dec. 2008 a friend of our stayed at the Contemp and I was pleasantly surprised--ok, actually awestruck--by her amazing room. Photos and free video do NOT do this place justice. I am not in love with the theming of the BLT compared to the Polynesian, but the convenience cannot be beat.

    Although I love the theming and beautiful amenities of the WLV and AKV/Kidani Village, the transportation at both these locations is far inferior to monorail access, IMO. When you have a kid on the spectrum AND a baby, well, time can be of the essence. As for breaking down strollers? Well, I'd prefer to roll it onto the monorail. However, I might be swayed by convincing arguments for Boardwalk or Beach Club Villas because at least I can walk to Epcot and Studios from either. I like the idea of the cabins at FW, but I've heard that the bus transportation can be a bit much and I don't want to have to depend on a car. For us, a WDW vacation is a vacation from our car.

    SUGGESTIONS? Please make the argument for your favorite resort. Convince me!

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    Re: Villa for family of 5?

    My argument for AKL is simply its uniqueness and beauty. When you are at the lodge, you are not at Disney or in Florida, you are in Africa with the Disney Cast taking care of you. It is simply beautiful!

    Also to clarify, the 1 bedroom units at Animal Kingdom Lodge AND Bay Lake tower sleep 5 and have 2 bathrooms...very nice!!!!

    I don't believe you can go wrong with any of the DVC properties; we've stayed at all but the Beach Club and loved them all. There is something about going to WDW as a DVC member; you just relax more and slow down to enjoy the little things. Good luck!

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    Re: Villa for family of 5?

    Depending on where on the Spectrum your child is, the Contemporary is very noisy and very busy. Never been to the tower so maybe the noise factor is better there.

    Go to All Ears and read the reviews of Animal Kingdom Lodge. It so depends on which type of room you reserve and receive. I know the first AKL 1 bedroom units that were converted from the hotel were very tight plus dark. The ones actually built from scratch are receiving better reviews.

    The main hotel rooms will hold 4 + a crib. We had a set of bunk beds in ours. Those rooms for a deluxe hotel were tight. Contemporary and Poly rooms were much larger. Buses from AKL take forever and often you are standing.

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    Re: Villa for family of 5?

    Thank you for your responses. Yes, the Kidani Village & AKL Villas look beautiful and I'm very tempted. I love the theming there. But the bus scenario is precisely the one I was hoping to avoid.

    Does anyone know how much better it would be transportation-wise to stay at WLV or a FW cabin? The FW cabin is only $260/nt. Tempting!!!!

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    Re: Villa for family of 5?

    Anyone else with input? I'd love to hear from anyone who stayed at the FW cabins regarding transportation, or any other villas.

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