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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss All Star Movies Review in the Vacation Planning forums; The Four Parks you can read my reviw of All Star Movies at the four parks blog. click on the link that says the four parks above please leave a ...
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    All Star Movies Review

    The Four Parksyou can read my reviw of All Star Movies at the four parks blog. click on the link that says the four parks above please leave a comment and sign up to follow my blog
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    Re: All Star Movies Review

    We stayed at AllStar Movies once,and only once.There was nothing at all wrong with the resort itself.It was no different than the other two allstar resorts and Pop.However,what we found about the place that we did not care for,is the fact that most families with smaller,toddler age kids were staying there.When we stayed there,both of my girls were a lot older than toddler age,matter of fact,one may have been a teenager,like around 13 or 14.It has been several years since we stayed there.I have nothing,and I say,NOTHING,against children,I love kids.I take up with the kids at our church and I pay attention to them to show them that they are loved by adults too.But for us,since our girls were older,we weren't expecting the abundance of little kids there,since it was our first time staying there.We dealt with it,it really wasn't bad at all.Just not our first choice had we known.But at least this way we can say that we've stayed in all of the value resorts at least once.Our fav allstar resort is music.being that I am a musician and both of my daughters sing and play in church as I do,we found that resort most appealing to us.But our all round fav value resort has to be POP,hands down.We've stayed there two times,and four times at Music.Along with once at movies and once at sports.
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