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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss When Does It Become Check-In Day? in the Vacation Planning forums; So, you're in your car and have been driving for 18 hours straight. It's 1:00 AM when you roll into your Disney Resort. Technically the date is in sync with ...
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    Cool When Does It Become Check-In Day?

    So, you're in your car and have been driving for 18 hours straight. It's 1:00 AM when you roll into your Disney Resort. Technically the date is in sync with your reservation's arrival date. But, when does it become Check-In Day?

    If I step up to the desk will they allow me check in, issue my Key-To-World cards? Obviously my room won't be ready. But would they allow me to actually get checked in.

    There have been times when I've arrived mid to late morning, and a room was ready so they went ahead and let me go to my room. IF they had an unoccupied room, would they let me go to my room?

    We'll be arriving at Saratoga Springs for 2 nights (Dec 8 & 9) before going to the Vero Beach Resort for 2 nights with the whole (most if it anyway) family. They're all flying, either on the 8th, or the 10th. To save renting a car, and to carry cargo for out time at Vero Beach (we're planning on a family dinner) I'll be driving. I'm planning to leave by 6 Tuesday morning. That would put me down there about midnight (or later with stops). The family arriving on Wednesday morning is using Magical Express to get from the airport, so I'm planning (hoping) to hit the parks Wednesday morning.

    So that's why I wonder, if I arrive at 1 AM, will they allow me to go through the check-in process. Or should I even bother going in, and just find some cheap lodging outside, then check in the next morning.
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    Re: When Does It Become Check-In Day?

    Hm. I'm not positive, but I doubt you would get a room that early. I imagine you might be able to get your Key to the World card, but they might have a hard restriction on that, like 10 am or something. If I were you, I would book an extra night at SS, or some place very close by (like the Downtown Disney area hotels), to minimize the hassel of having to move around too much.

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    Re: When Does It Become Check-In Day?

    Your check-in day begins some time between 6:00 -7:00 a.m. It's some time during that time that the computer system resets for the day. They will NOT check you in any earlier than that. it's not up to the discretion of the front desk staff, it's controlled by the computer system.

    If your reservation begins on the 8th, and you arrive at 1:00 a.m. on the 8th, you are too early to check-in. You'll have to wait 'til that 6 or 7 a.m. mark to check-in, get your Key To The World cards, and so on. If your room is ready, you'll get your room at that time, too.

    But if you're definitely gonna get into town as early as 1:00 a.m., you'll need to book a cheap room elsewhere to get a few hours' rest before going to your Disney resort.
    -- Eric

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