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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss resort switch during our 8 day stay?? Should we?? in the Vacation Planning forums; Ok, so we travel to WDW each year once to twice. We ALWAYS stay at the POR and I do REALLY like it there. Last year we splurged and stayed ...
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    resort switch during our 8 day stay?? Should we??

    Ok, so we travel to WDW each year once to twice. We ALWAYS stay at the POR and I do REALLY like it there. Last year we splurged and stayed at The Polynesian (I've wanted to since the first time I laid eyes on it when I was 10 yrs old!). Needless to say I fell in love with the Poly!!! We cant afford to stay there for our full 8 day stay BUT I was thinking if money can work out maybe we could stay there for the last 2-3 days of our trip! Has anyone else changed resorts like this before? How does it all work out?? Most of all is it worth it? Is it a hassel? Any advice would do! I have to convince the hubby who is in love with POR!
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    Re: resort switch during our 8 day stay?? Should we??

    I say go for it - we've changed resorts mid-trip on several vacations and it's not a big deal. The hotel you are staying in will transfer your baggage to your new hotel so you can go and enjoy the parks. Then when you go back to the Poly (or where ever you choose) your cases will be waiting for you when you're ready to check in to your room. We actually did a 21 night visit to WDW in 2008 and we did SIX hotel during our stay. It was so much fun getting to experience a new hotel/surroundings every 3/4 nights. As long as you don't mind living out of a suitcase just a little bit - ha ha. But one switch certainly shouldn't be a hassle.


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    Re: resort switch during our 8 day stay?? Should we??

    Stay at POR first, then fleet up to the deluxe for your last 2 or 3 nights. Have bell sevices transfer you luggage while you are at the parks.

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    Re: resort switch during our 8 day stay?? Should we??

    I agree with everyone else. You should do it.

    One nice thing about switching is it forces you to sort of "pre-pack" before you leave. You'll have to pack when you move to the Poly. When you get there just unpack the things you'll need for the 2-3 day stay and leave everything else in your bags. This makes the last night of your stay less hectic as you won't be running around your room packing everything up.

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    Re: resort switch during our 8 day stay?? Should we??

    I've never switched resorts, but we normally only stay 3-4 days. If I was going for 8 days and a room at my favorite resort opened up, I would absolutely switch.

    For her anniversary, my cousin stayed at BLT for 3 days and then switched to Wilderness lodge for the remaining 4 days. She loved the idea of experiencing two resorts in one trip. I didn't ask her, but I would imagine that Disney is going to be very accommodating with regards to your move.

    Good luck. Have a great time on your next trip.
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    Re: resort switch during our 8 day stay?? Should we??

    It's not that hard to do. In one trip I stayed at ASSports, AKL and Beach Club. The only part I didn't like is that I'm the type of person that likes to unpack and get situated but other than that I love staying at new places.

    Have you thought about staying at POR instead of POFQ just for something new?

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    Re: resort switch during our 8 day stay?? Should we??

    You people can all have it....we did it once...that was enough! It is a hassle....there's nothing worse than trying to cram dirty clothes back in your suitcase with the clean....packing up groceries and beverages equally difficult.....I'm on vacation and am not going to pack alot of bags just to resort's our day of switching....packing up, suitcases and supplies and taking it to bell services early to get to next resort (only reason we did a switch was the Poly didn't have all the nights we wanted for a vacation so we opted for 3 night first at AKL) check out and then bus to the Poly....we didn't care for AKL and wanted to get onto the Poly the resort we liked....we weren't going to any park until we see how the switch goes....well, after checking into the Poly, we inquired about our stuff and were told, then, that it wouldn't arrive until after 3 pm, we were there at 9am, also the room was not ready at the Poly....okay, now were roomless, bagless and grocery and beverage less until who knows when....We weren't about to go to a park, get all sweaty and tired to come back to nothing, even for a few hours....long story wasn't ready until 4 pm and then our luggage and what not didn't arrive until after 5 waste of a swim suits, nothing...and this idea of packing accordingly....extra bags or taking what you might need.....nope...not worth the effort especially traveling via a conveyance with bag weight and restrictions....

    We discussed the day, wife and I and came to the joint conclusion, if ever in that position, not enough nights at one resort, just do the one...splits are a waste of our time and energy...repacking or living out of a suitcase is not what we want our vacation to be and finally...when we check in to our resort, we want to unload everything....groceries and beverages in the fridge, set up the room to our liking and move in until it's time to go home.....not vacation when you have to load up to make a resort move....and we were at the Poly for 7 nights.....short stays forget it....

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