I was just think about the movies that inspired All-Star movies. And I started to think how some of the movies younger kids today won't know anything about. The 5 buildings are Toy Story, Fantasia, Herbie the Love Bug, The Mighty Ducks and One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Toy Story is still well known because of 3 and Toy Story Mania but what about the rest? Fantasia had Fantasia 2000 and was released. But Herbie most resent movie was Herbie Fully Loaded in 2005. Herbie was in lights motors action but has been replaced with a more popular car Lightning McQueen. The Might Ducks haven't had anything new since the late 1990s. And One Hundred and One Dalmatians haven't had anything new since about 2003 which was a direct to DVD movie. So i think that this resort is starting to be a little out dated.

With that said the Art of Animation resort i feel is going to be the new All-Star movies with movies that are more familiar to younger kids. The movies are The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Cars. The Little Mermaid has a new ride coming out and is a well known Disney princess. The Lion King's most resent most movie was in 2004 (Lion King 1 1/2) but it is still really promoted with the Broadway musical and the new 3D movie coming out. Finding Nemo still has a pretty new ride in both WDW (2007) and DL (2007) and a Musical in Animal Kingdom (2007) and the movie came out in 2003 (but was a very popular movie). And Cars came out in 2006 and Cars 2 this weekend. So Cars is still new.

With all that said what do you think? I feel that once Art of Animation opens All-Star Movies is going to be outdated with younger kids not really knowing many of these movies in ASM.