I'm steady and ready to get pelted. I looked through all the pictures and the great write up on this new section that just opened at AoA. Half way through looking at the grounds and at the pictures of the LK Suites all I could think was KILL ME NOW, if I actually checked into that suite.

It COULD be fun to walk around there for a few minutes beyond that???No. There really isn't a place for your eyes to take a rest. The only two spots I saw that were OK was the mirror area in the bath and the shower. I took a look at the stacking chairs for the dining area, our school cafe has better.

OK ready to be pelted now.

Here is Jack Spence's visit to AoA Lion King Suites and grounds.

Take note of all the different don't climb on me warning signs too, they are a hoot! Disney obviously knows once again they built something that screams to children, climb on me.