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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Can't stand the excitement! in the Vacation Planning forums; A few months ago I booked our trip to WDW. This will be Dec. 2013 for about a week and a half. We haven't been since the same time of ...
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    Red face Can't stand the excitement!

    A few months ago I booked our trip to WDW. This will be Dec. 2013 for about a week and a half. We haven't been since the same time of year 2008. Actually, we haven't been on any vacation since then! We really need one. We are pinching pennies to go and believe me when I tell you, we don't have pennies to pinch. I just got back from depositing $440 in the bank that was given to us for Christmas by different relatives. As soon as it clears I will call our awesome travel agent, Leslie, at MEI/Mousefan, and pay down another chunk. I doubt I will ever use another agency again. I've used other Disney specialists (will let you know who if you're interested) and was horribly disappointed.

    My husband and I have 4 children: 9, 7, almost 2 and almost 1. We are squeezing into POR AB. Last chance we'll get for all 6 of us to squeeze into a moderate. AA, IMO, is beautiful but waaaaay overpriced for a "value" resort.

    I am trying my darndest to keep the last part a secret and to raise enough money to make it possible. I have booked our last two nights at the Polynesian, our favorite resort.

    I wonder if any of you think it's likely that the free dining will be available next year?

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    Re: Can't stand the excitement!

    Congratulations on booking your trip and I hope you can raise enough money for the Polynesian stay. I am interested in knowing the other agencies that you had a problem with.

    Concerning the free DDP.... Disney has offered it for the past three years during the holiday season, but each successive year the available dates have been reduced. If I remember correctly, there were only 3-4 dates available for this December. They usually announce this or other promos, for this time period, in July. Given the uncertainty and limited availability, I would not buget in free dining at this time.

    Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!

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