Have you stayed at Wilderness Lodge before?

Have you done Flag Family while staying there?

If so, you probably had the pleasure of experiencing your Flag Family morning with Ranger Stan. He is the kind hearted man that has been doing it for years now.

He also does the lodge tour. (If they still do that anymore...)

Why am I asking? Stan is going to be having some knee surgery sometime soon. I wanted to send/deliver a little something to him to show him we care.

What do I want from you? If you have pictures from your flag family experience, please send 1 picture of what you feel is your BEST picture to me. JPEG is the preferred format. I don't care how large the image is. Send it anyway.

What will I be doing with your picture?

I thought I would make a collage of all of the pictures I get and print them as one image then put it in a frame.

Can you help me show Stan how much we appreciate him?

I NEED THESE FAST! I plan on hand delivering this while I am down in early October. Please email your pics asap!!

Please email all images to: wdwwl@majesticnetworks.net

Please make sure you make the subject of the email: "Our Flag Family Picture"
(This makes it easy for me to spot them.)

Please make sure you give me the name of your family.
As in, for me, it would be: "The Block Family" so I can put your name on the presentation card that will go with it.