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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss What's the secret for getting great MouseKeeping? in the Vacation Planning forums; My gf and I will be staying at Pop Century for 7 nights in March, and will possibly have some friends coming to stay with us for a few of ...
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    What's the secret for getting great MouseKeeping?

    My gf and I will be staying at Pop Century for 7 nights in March, and will possibly have some friends coming to stay with us for a few of those nights over the course of that week. One of those friends has never stayed at a Disney resort before, and has never experienced MouseKeeping. Between it being his first time, and because it's just a neat thing to experience, I just really really hope to get some real good MouseKeeping in our room.

    Now I remember from previous trips a series of towel animals and shapes, swimming pools for our stuffed animals, and greeting cards from characters (I think the card thing was for a birthday though). And i thought I remember hearing that as long as you leave a couple of bucks each day for your housekeeping staff, that this is the kind of things you could come to expect in return. However I've also read from a few people who went and did tip their housekeeping staff, and still didn't recieve any towel animals or that kind of thing.

    So, what's the trick? Is there anyway to be certain I will get a good MouseKeeper who will keep me smiling after I return home from a long day at the parks? Is there a certain amount I should tip? How much is enough... or too much? Or is it just luck that decides whether or not you should happen to get a MouseKeeper who knows how to make animals and have a little fun, and will do so regardless of what you tip? Thanks in advance, guys.
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    It's most likely luck but if you tip each day and make it look like a young kid is staying you will have a better chance, I think. The one time we stayed in a Disney trailer instead of our own the kids had lots of stuffed animals with them, we came home most days to "animal tea parties" and thing like that plus towel animals it was great! Don't forget to include the tip into you budget.

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    Definitely mostly luck. Somewhat generous tipping is probably helpful.

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    On our last trip( just DH and I), I had left a decent tip one day and also had flowers sent to our room (for us-not them). Mousekeeping made a nest with two birds in it. It was pretty cool but I don't know if my DH got a picture of it. it was neat!

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    Well Don, if you happen to get HerMelinda as your Mousekeeper you are in luck!!! She is a wonderfully sweet woman who has quite a talent when it comes to towel animals! We received at least one a day for our entire 10 day stay last June. She also had fun with the kids stuffed animals, usually leaving them all lounging on the bed with the tv remote in hand and the TV placed on the Disney Channel. Killing people with kindness and appreciation never hurts. We always make up special little envelopes for the Mousekeepers before we leave. Usually decorating them with Disney stickers and such. I usually leave a hand written note each day as well, thanking the Mousekeeper by name and adding a little comment like, "thank you so much for the adorable towel animals!". And we always made sure to say hello to her when we would see her outside one of the others rooms on our way out to the parks! On our last day she made a specifically came down to tell us goodbye and hand an extra special towel animal that she had made for us. I little bit of kindness can go a long way!

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    Would the mousekeeping be available at the Swan/Dolphin?? I know they are technically not Disney so i doubt that this would happen but has it happened to anyone here?

    Little towel animals woudl be soo cute!

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