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Poll: How Many WDW Resorts Have You Stayed At?

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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss How many Disney World Resorts have you stayed at? in the Vacation Planning forums; I've stayed at Grand Floridian- 1 (honeymoon) Port Orleans French Quarter - 1 Port Orleans Riverside - 1 Coranado Springs -1 All Star Sports- 3 All Star Music -1 All ...
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    I've stayed at

    Grand Floridian- 1 (honeymoon)
    Port Orleans French Quarter - 1
    Port Orleans Riverside - 1
    Coranado Springs -1
    All Star Sports- 3
    All Star Music -1
    All Star Movies -1
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    I've been to all except Swan & Dolphin - I don't consider them Disney Resorts even though they're on the property.

    Started going to WDW in 1972 but didn't get to stay onsite until 1980 - a tent in Fort Wilderness. Since then, I've managed to hit all of them except the Tree Houses. I wish they would make those part of the DVC!

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    Not many, just All Star Music and Carribbean Beach.

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    Repeat visitor at my favorites. First timer for The Villas at the Wilderness this July.

    2009 April Boardwalk & Beach Club Villas
    2008 July Polynesian Conceierge
    2008 March Beach Club Villas
    2007 July Contemporary Concierge
    2007 April Grand Floridian Concierge/Beach Club Villas
    2006 July The Villas at the Wilderness Lodge
    2006 April Polynesian Concierge
    2005 Contemporary/Grand Floridian Concierge
    2004 Grand Floridian Concierge
    2003 Polynesian Concierge
    2002 Beach Club Villas
    2001 Polynesian
    2000 Polynesian

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    I put 13 to 18, plus I cannot remember which ones I stayed at long ago as a little kid. My most favorite two, are the Fort Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wildernesses Campground! They are my favorites and are soooo good! I love to go the campground with my Nana & Papa and stay at the Villas at Fort Wilderness Lodge.

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    Columbia, SC
    Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge, and ASMo
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    TEXAS!!--The greatest state in the Union (IMO)
    Pop Century
    All-Star Resorts (all 3)

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    Hiding in the lake
    1. Port Orleans Riverside
    2. All Star Movies
    3. All Star Sports
    4. Pop Century
    5. Carribbean Beach
    6. Contemporary

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    In South Texas Of The USA
    i only been to the all star music resort (the jazz area), thats way back in "95
    and i have also been there only once too, someday i hope i can go back.

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    Stayed off site for first 6 times, but then treated ourselves and stayed at All Star Movies. Will always stay on site now as the whole experience was just fantastic. Staying at Coranado Springs this year, but my dream would be to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Maybe one day?

    53 days till Florida

    57 days till Disney :mickey:

    1981 - Offsite
    1983 - Offsite
    1987 - Offsite
    1990 - Offsite
    1993 - Offsite
    2002 - All Star Movies
    2006 - Coronado Springs
    2007 - Port Orleans French Quarter
    2013 - Port Orleans French Quarter
    2014 - Whole family trip! (Thanks Dad!)
    2015 - Three trips in a row?? Fingers crossed

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    This is over a span of many years:

    Contremprary - 3 x
    Polynesian - 1 x
    Grand Floridian - 1 x
    Beach Club - 1 x
    Boardwalk - 2 x
    Carribean Beach - 2 x
    Fort Wilderness - 1 x
    Disney Inn - 1 x (now known as Shades of Green)
    All Star Music - 1 x
    Dutch Inn - 1 x (was part of Disney Village near DTD)
    Howard Johnson's - 1 x (was part of Disney Village near DTD)
    Grosvenor Hotel - 1 x (is part of Disney Village near DTD)
    I am looking forward to staying in more of them!!!!
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    NY - 48 weeks a year...Old Key West 4 Weeks a year!!!
    I have stayed at...

    The Polynesian 14 times
    The Contemporary 6 times:mickey:
    The Grand Floridian 3 times
    Wilderness Lodge 3 times
    Dixie Landings 5 times
    The Boardwalk 8 times
    Saratoga Springs 1 time
    Animal Kingdom Lodge 2 times
    Old Key West 26 times

    *Disneyland Hotel and Disney's Hilton Head Resort as well...

    Am I considered a WDW FAN or a WDW FREAK????

    Married at Disney Wedding Pavillion 2003

    I have spent 418 nights at Walt Disney World since 1971!!! Does that make me a freak?

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    I have stayed at the contemporary, wilderness lodge, Coronado springs, the yacht club and beach club resort, grand floridian, polynesian, the swan, port orleans (cant remember whether it was the french quarter or riverside) and i think thats it
    It's our problem-free philosophy Hakuna Matata!
    I've been to Disney World 22 times and can't wait to go back!

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    I have stayed at 6. All four 4 moderates at least once, Contemporary several times as a child. And now I am a DVC member and have stayed 4 times (so far) at SSR.
    So that would be 6 different resorts.

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    Trying to check them all off my list as having stayed there at least once. What I have left:

    Grand Floridian
    Yacht Club
    All Star Sports
    All Star Music
    All Star Movies (September 06)
    Pop Century (December 06)
    Animal Kingdom Lodge
    Saratoga Springs
    Lou Mongello
    Host, Author & Site Owner
    AKQJ10 >: 4 8 15 16 23 42

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