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Poll: How Many WDW Resorts Have You Stayed At?

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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss How many Disney World Resorts have you stayed at? in the Vacation Planning forums; Wow, you guys are impressive travelers. We stick to the one we've found we like best - Coronado - last several trips. Been to Sports, Movies, Wilderness and Caribbean before ...
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    On the lake, Iowa
    Wow, you guys are impressive travelers.

    We stick to the one we've found we like best - Coronado - last several trips. Been to Sports, Movies, Wilderness and Caribbean before that. Would like to add Animal Kingdom Lodge if we could afford it - it looks like an experience.

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    Monroe, Georgia
    Over my lifetime I've stayed at

    All Star Sports
    All Star Music
    POP Century
    Caribbean Beach
    Coronado Springs
    Port Orleans French Quarter
    Port Orleans Riverside
    The Tree House Villas
    Beach Club
    Grand Floridian
    Yacht Club
    Old Key West
    Fort Wilderness Campground
    Shades of Green

    I was a bit of a spoiled child and I had two aunts that worked at Disney. I remember how they would give us fistfuls of tickets, all different colors. I think that Disney probably helped me learn math because I had to calculate how many A's, B's, C's, etc...

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    I have stayed at--

    All-Star Movies
    All-Star Music
    All-Star Sports
    Pop Century (be back there on Sunday)
    Caribbean Beach Resort
    Port Orleans French Quarter
    Port Orleans Riverside
    and Dixie Landings ( I know, it's the same property as POR, but it was a different resort)
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    Marker from MO
    ~ Unemployeed software developer looking for next opportunity
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    ~ Friend of IASW's Happy Little Dolls (but don't hold that against me)

    02/83 off site -- 11/83 off site -- 12/85 DLR --
    07/97 DL -- 08/00 ASMo -- 04/02 CBR --
    05/03 POFQ -- 06/04 DLR -- 07/06 Pop --
    03/07 POR -- 09/07 ASMu -- 04/08 ASSp --
    09/08 Pop -- 09/09 CSR -- 04/10 POR --
    05/10 SSR -- 10/10 CSR
    Next - 12/10 -2 nights SSR, 2 nights VBR (Vero Beach Resort)

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    I've stayed at:
    The Grand Floridian
    The Dolphin
    2x Yacht Club
    2x Beach Club
    2 offsite resorts

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    A quick flight to the Magic
    1. Pop-up in FW.
    2. Camper trailer in FW.
    3. Disney Inn. Now, Shades of Green.
    4. Disney institute. Now gone. Replaced by SSR.
    5. Carribean Beach
    6. Port orlean French quarter.
    7. Coronado Springs.
    8. Swan.
    9. AKL Hotel Resort.
    10. AKL Villas Savana DVC
    11. SSR. Both Cash and DVC Villas
    12. OKW DVC Villas
    13. Boardwalk DVC Villas
    14. Pop Century.
    15. All Star Music
    16. All Star Movies
    None of the big 3 Monorail resorts.
    11 Pre-DVC Trips to WDW 8-1978 through 12-2006.

    Our DVC/Disney Resort trips have been:

    Trip #1 (Jan 31-Feb 5-07) SSR. Studio.
    Trip #2 (May 1- 8-07) OKW. Studio.
    Trip #3 (June 26-July 1-07) SSR. 1 Bdrm.
    Trip #4 (Sept 16-21-07) OKW. 1 & 2 Bdrm.
    Trip #5 (Nov 29-Dec 3-07) AKL.
    Trip #6 (Jan 26-Feb 2-08) AKL. Studio.
    Trip #7 (April 12-18-08) SSR. 1 Bdrm.
    Trip #8 (May 23-27-08) SSR. Studio.
    Trip # 9(May 27-30-08) OKW. Studio.
    Trip # 10(Sept 10-17-08) BWV. Studio
    Trip # 11 (Nov 15-21-08) VWL. 2 Bdrm.
    Trip # 12 (Dec 19-21-08) SSR. Studio.
    Trip # 13(Feb 1-6-09) SSR. 2 Bdrm.
    Trip # 14(Feb 27-Mar 1-09) AKV Studio
    Trip # 15(Apr 30-May 8-09) ASR Movies-1 nite, PO Riverside- 4 nites, SSR Studio 3 nites
    Trip # 16(July 6th-10th-09)Pop Century
    Trip # 17(Sept 18th-24th-2009)Pop Century
    Trip #18(Oct 10th-16th 2009) ASR Music-1 nite, SSR Treehouses 5 nites
    Trip #19(Jan 20th-26th 2010) OKW-4 nites, Bch Club Studio Villa 2 nites
    Trip #20(Apr 23rd-26th 2010) Caribbean Beach Resort
    Trip #21(June 18th-25th 2010) POR 2 nites, SSR 2bdrm Villa 5 Nites.

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    Nashville, TN
    We've stayed at AsMu, POP and POR twice! If my wife had her way we'd stay at POR every trip! I'm ready to branch out though and as soon as I can afford it we're going to start sampling Delux resorts!
    "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night."-Edgar Allan Poe

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    Boston,SSR, AKLV, Will's ship, Balian's castle
    When the poll started, I was in the 1-6 category, now I am in the 7-12 category!

    I got engaged @ WDW 1/24/10

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    Ft. Liquordale
    I've stayed at the Contemporary, Ft. Wilderness, All-Star Sports, AS Music, AS Movies, Dixie Landings, Coronado Springs, and Pop Century more than once for several of them.

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    good ole southern boy.....
    We've stayed at all of the allstar resorts,staying at music four times.I am a musician and I like the instrument icons.I also like the atmosphere.We've also stayed at POP twice.Loved it.This year was going to be our third stay at POP,and we were going to have two adjoining rooms for my family of four,but I lost my job back in april and we could not go.We stayed at caribbean Beach one year,and that was ok,but I don't feel that having to pay more than the value resort prices is worth it.The rooms are just barely bigger than a value resort,food court is not as good as a value resort,and only the landscaping seemed a little nicer than values,but even that was not that much better.So my pick,is the value resorts.I would never in my life stay at a deluxe resort.Too much money! I am a money-saver,and don't exceed my limitations like some do.I'm not rich and don't pretend to be.
    Park Hopper Dad!

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    I've done all of the Values (ASMo, Mu, S, Pop) plus Dixie Landings and Carribbean Beach. We're going to POFQ on our next trip. My ultimate goal is to stay at all of the resorts... we'll see how that goes.


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    ASMovies (multiple times)
    Pop Century (one was enough!)
    Caribbean Beach
    Port Orleans French Quarter (multiple times)
    Polynesian (multiple times)
    Wilderness Lodge (multiple times)

    Heading back to Port Orleans FQ in a week! Almost ended up getting AKL this time which would have been fantastic, but they didn't have anymore savannah rooms left and if I'm going to stay there...that's what I want!

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    Berne, IN
    AS Movies
    AS Music
    POP (never again)
    Caribbean Beach Resort
    Port Orleans Riverside
    Beach Club
    They call me "Nana"

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    I have stayed at the Boardwalk, Coronado Springs, All Star movies and sports, and pop century. Of these cs was my favorite

    Would love to try any of the monorail resorts, ft wilderness, wilderness lodge, or ak lodge

    but truth be told where I stay isn't too important. Its just a bed to collapse into after a day at the parks!
    Sisterhood of the traveling pirate in the pants: charter member

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    My wife and I have stayed at:

    Port Orleans Riverside
    Wilderness Lodge
    All Star Movies

    For our next trip, we would like to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

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    2xsAll-Star Music
    1Coronado Springs
    1Port Orleans Riverside
    1Caribbean Beach


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