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Poll: How Many WDW Resorts Have You Stayed At?

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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss How many Disney World Resorts have you stayed at? in the Vacation Planning forums; Lets see if anyone has actually stayed at all of them. *Note if you have! There are 25 total : 10 - Deluxe Resorts (including the Swan and Dolphin) 4 ...
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    How many Disney World Resorts have you stayed at?

    Lets see if anyone has actually stayed at all of them. *Note if you have!

    There are 25 total :
    10 - Deluxe Resorts (including the Swan and Dolphin)
    4 - Moderate Resorts
    4 - Value Resorts
    5- Vacation Club Resorts
    2 - Cabins & Campgrounds

    I guess there could be just 20 if you did not count the Wilderness Lodge, Boardwalk, and Beach Resorts twice (once as Vacation and once as Deluxe). Also if you didn't count the Swan and Dolphin (I say it is a semi-official resort ) Hey...then it's more of a challenge to stay at all of them if you count them as 25.
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    I've stayed at every Deluxes and Moderate.

    Never been to a Value, not sure I'll ever get to a Value.

    Stayed at Shades of Green when it was the Disney Inn

    Stayed in a tent once (ugghh).

    Stayed at:
    Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness Cabins (and in a tent once YUCK),Animal Kingdom Lodge, Yacht Club, Beach Club, Boardwalk, Caribbean, Port Orleans (both), Coronado Springs, Dolphin, Most of the Hotel Row, Many other off-site.

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    I've stayed in one deluxe, one moderate, and two values. I've stayed at all four more than once except Pop Century, and once was enough. I love the Beach Club for it's proximity to Epcot (my favorite park). I love the Caribbean Beach Resort for its atmosphere (will definitely stay there again). I love All Star Movies for it's fun theme and it's price. On trips where we will be spending the vast majority of our time in the parks we will always return to All Star Movies. I can get more bang for my buck by spending it on tours and special meals rather than a place to sleep and shower.
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    We stayed 2 times at Carribean Beach
    Once each at Port Orleans, Wilderness Lodge, and Animal Kingdom Lodge.
    We even stayed once at one of hotels very close to Downtown Disney when it was a Howard Johnson's - and it wasn't bad.
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    Go Red Sox!
    Beach Club Villas,
    Saratoga Springs,
    Old Key West,
    Caribbean Beach,
    Port Orleans French Quarter,
    Wilderness Lodge Villas,
    sorry, I didn't see the WDW part before, but Vero Beach was my seventh
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    I have stayed 3x at the Caribbean Beach! I love it. Pop Century once. Coronado Springs once.

    Stayed at the Contemporary twice!! 17 days the first time and loved it! The tower rooms with the MK view are wonderful!
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    I have stayed at:

    2 - Poly
    1 - TravelLodge
    1 - Shades of Green
    3 - All-Star Music
    3 - All-Star Movies
    2 - Pop Century
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    Can't wait!!!!!!

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    By MY next trip in June is PORS, I have stayed at:
    All Values
    POFQ, Coronado, PORS
    Saratoga Springs
    Grand Floridian, Contempoary, Wilderness Lodge
    Annual Passholder.

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    3 Hours away from the MAGIC
    I've stayed at the Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, Contemporary, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Dolphin, Polynesian, Old Key West, and hopefully staying at the allstar sometime soon

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    GF- 2x
    Poly- 1
    CR- 1 (3 weeks)
    BC- 3x
    BW- 1
    AKL- 1
    WL- 1
    Swan- 1
    Dolphin- 1
    CBR- 3x
    POFQ- 1
    POR- 2x
    FW Campsite- 11x (Parents' RV)
    FW Cabin- 3x
    AS Music- 2x
    AS Movies- 4x
    AS Sports- 1
    POP- 1
    Grosvenor (Hotel Plaza)- 1
    Now DVC members:
    OKW- 1
    This is over 30 years, starting when I was a kid. I was hooked when my parents took us in the early 70's - I think they took that into account as they planned our family vacations. We always seemed to end up at FW. Sometimes it took us 4-5 days to get there. We saw everything along the way- caverns in VA, St. Augustine FL, Okeefenokee Swamp GA, Kill Devil Hill (Wright Brothers 1st flight), Hilton Head, etc. I wonder how many others here did the family 'road trip' to WDW....
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    I've stayed at the Contemporary, the Polynesian, and the Caribbean Beach as you can see in my signature. My favorite was the Polynesian but they'll all really nice and fun because you're on Disney property.

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    I plan on staying at all of them eventually, but I've only stayed at Polynesian (for 10 years!) then Old Key West. Then All Stars once or twice. That's it. Now I'm in Celebration, but my goal is to stay at all of them sometime.
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    2 hours from Disney World, Baby!,Florida
    All Star Music,All Star Movies,All Star Sports,The Caribbean Beach,Fort Wilderness Resort Campgrounds,Boardwalk Inn & my favorite... Fort Wilderness Lodge

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    Probably around somewhere... most likely quoting Pirates.... or maybe not...
    I've stayed at four, that I know. I only remember 2 and I'm not sure if you count one of the one's I've stayed at as a Disney Resort.

    Port Orleans Riverside
    Shades of Green (does it count?)
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    Right here!!!
    1x at Carribbean Beach

    2xs at Port Orleans Riverside (1x plantation, 1x alligator bayou)
    2xs at Pop Century
    Nothing to countdown to, so just smile and be happy everyday!

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