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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss need help in the Vacation Planning forums; Hello everyone this is my family first time at Disney World i need some tips what are some of the things we should do first my family is 4 adults ...
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    need help

    Hello everyone this is my family first time at Disney World i need some tips what are some of the things we should do first my family is 4 adults and 2 children age 8 and 15 my date to Disney world is April 17 2006

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    First, have fun. You're going on vacation, not a marathon to make sure you do EVERYTHING. In general, doing everything probably can't be done, so pick the things that really interest you and sketch out a tentative game plan for each park. If you go to you can view the different parks and what's located in each one. If you stay on property, there will probably be some mornings or eveings that you will be allowed to come in earlier to a park or stay later. Keep those days in mind when you decide what park to attend when. I really would recommend eating at at least one restaurant in one park. There is plenty of good food to be found in Epcot, and MGM, and Downtown Disney. Call ahead for preferred seating because the parks are getting busier as Spring break and Easter approaches. The Grand Opening of Expedition Everest will have taken place before you arrive, so it should be running every day all day. Dress in layers to accomodate the cooler mornings and evenings and hopefully - the warmer mid-day temperatures. Each park has their own fantastic night-time show with fireworks and the works. Make plans to attend as many as you can. Again, have a wonderful time. Bring patience with you if it gets crowded. If you need someone to carry luggage, just give me a call.
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    to the boards, ladybug35!

    4 things to be sure you understand how they work now, well before you get to WDW:
    - park admission tickets (what kind you have or plan to get, how they work, what you can and can not use them for)
    - Advance Dining Reservations (for sit-down meals you'll want them)
    - FastPass (this system will save you from waiting in long lines if you know how to use them)
    - Extra Magic Hours (if you are staying on property, you can use them, if not, you'll want to avoid the parks that have them that day)

    Knowing about those will make your trip go smoother and leave more time for the magic!

    There is a ton of info on this site, and a lot of helpful people, so look around and ask questions if you need help!!!
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    Talking tips for WDW

    Hey Ladybug, I have been to WDW eight times in the last few years, and the best advice that I can give you is PLAN,PLAN,PLAN!!! Make sure that you KNOW what you want to see and do. One thing that I have found out from experience is that when you get through the gate at whatever park you're in, go to the LEFT. For instance, MK park, go to Adventureland first and then work your way from there. Most of the crowds go right to Tomorrowland. Try to hit the "mountain" rides first because they pack up quickly. Take advantage of the FASTPASS system!!! Try to get to the parks as early as possible. I studied the UNofficial guide for WDW and they had some great tips to avoid the crowds and save some money while there. If you need any more info, contact me and I'll try to help any way that I can. Have a wonderful time and I wish I were going too!!
    later, firemedic

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    Hi Ladybug! I recently went to WDW, and I found some great tips on the secrets part of this website. When you're on the main page, click on "secrets" on the left hand side, and click on whatever thread you need. The thread "your best WDW secret" helped me a lot. and, as many has said before, PLAN!!!!!! and dont lose your heads trying to make the vacation "perfect"

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